Bonus Round Ep26 Part 1: The Future of Gaming

Will we ever see a PlayStation 4 or Xbox 720?

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DarkBlood3729d ago

if i ever see a xbox 720 and it does not have problems like the rrod or anything like that then i will get it as for now i will stick with my ps3, wii, psp, ds and my new computer i jus tgot few days ago and never been a pc gamer my life so i ought to try that out. as for now i just dont trust the 360 yet though if a game comes out on a console id get it instead of the pc game because its less complicated and id just like to pop in the dang game lol

ChickeyCantor3729d ago (Edited 3729d ago )

There will be a new playstation as well a new xbox.
When the time is right.

Was it not true its finally possible to have Ram that acts like an HDD? Can't remember what it really was.
But that opens doors for expanding bigger ideas.

DFresh3729d ago

All I know is by next year it's gonna be all Sony as the lead innovator for games.

Nintendo will always stick to cheaper more simple consoles and Microsoft and Sony will compete more more a more high tech media/games machine.
Consoles will be a lot more expensive.

If the 360 is $400 I expect the 720 to be $500 w/ the use of bigger DVDs then what they are using now. I expect the 720 to be more PC oriented w/ the compatibility to be both a computer and a console at the same time.
The 720 will be more like a PC then a console.
Xbox 720 will be $500.

The PS4 is gonna be huge. Since Sony has the lead on OLED and they are the inventors of the new format standard Blu-ray they are gonna capitalize on that. I expect the PS4 to be more network and online friendly between people, gamers, and the internet when playing games, watching movies, or playing multiplayer games. I know Sony will try to find a better way to make the PS4 more affordable and definitely make the brains better and more powerful and try to find an easier way for developers to make games but also have a lot more resources to use.
I can imagine the games on PS4 being a lot bigger instead of 25GB or 50Gb Blu-ray games I can imagine playing games that are in Ultra High Def, be in 3D and have 200Gb per disc to work with.
PS4 will be an all in one media device just like what the PS3 is only bigger.
I think the PS4 will cost $700.

Maybe some games will go digital.

We can expect just like now that a lot of games will be multiplatform and it will be up to the 1st party exclusives for certain consoles to sell games.

I know that every console will go HD since the SD TV is going to die soon.

I can imagine the next Nintendo console taking the role of 1080P Visuals, the 720 being 2080P as the next standard for OLEDs, and Sony will develop special OLEDs that play in 4080P and are in 3D.

The next Nintendo maybe will go to playing DVDs for games, the 720 will use Blu-ray and the PS4 will use an expanded version of Blu-ray w/ better visuals then what the 720 will use and be in 3D.

moja3729d ago (Edited 3729d ago )

I understand what he's saying about the tv medium and the last half century, but c'mon guy, discounting the next gen console because it still uses tv? Then he says companies can only increment their hardware - so technology will asleep for the next five years? Who pays this guy, because many of us could do his job at guessing sh*t. By my interpretation of his logic, today's consoles must be only some increments better than 8-bit because of the image medium (tv). Oh, and this gen can eventually be maxed out. We created the stuff - it didn't roll off a pyramid gift-wrapped or anything.

ChickeyCantor3729d ago (Edited 3729d ago )

No he said that Games don't really add new stuff to the original when released as a sequel. Thats why he does not see the point in making more powerfull consoles. Just look at what you can achieve with the current consoles.
(notice how the other guy said that Nintendo whent for controls and that Sony might be looking into it. So instead of looking for PS4 hardware they might go with controls)

He also says its getting way to expensive to develope these things.
So it would only be worth throwing in more money if you are looking at different mediums(like i-phones and other stuff like that).
Because it might bring new things to the table.
But i don't really agree with it i don't mind having more of the same, if it aint broke don't fix it.
And most gamers think that.

N4g_null3729d ago

Ok lets make a laundry list here. We really need some people that understand the tech side of things and the different marketing strategies taking place here. Patcher has no clue the PS3 is pretty much maxed out game wise just like the xbox 360. The problem is developers just are not as creative. Having hardware that is more powerful helps make development easier some times yet people expect way more.

I'm not sure how some GPU technologies are going to pan out but the tera scale stuff is sweet. I think intel has gotten multicore CPUs right and I think we will see even more ram in the next set of boxes.

I mean to a point a console could be as powerful as a core duo with 2-4 gigs of ram by that time and a terascale GPU. Solid state harddrives would become daisy chainable encase some gamer just needs a insane amount of drive space. Also system on a chip design must prevail next gen so that cost can be ramped really low. Will we have head sets by then? Maybe maybe not, but some type of motion control has to happen.

The whole social networking thing is really un-needed gamer can not even get along on web pages why would we want to have a social network. Another thing is I'm not going to play a game on my cell phone that's just silly. I don't want or need devices interconnecting. Just make the damn console powerful and affordable. Get that right first. There is no reason why we should have these crazy prices next gen. The sizes of the chips are shrinking faster and faster each year.

These guys are saying the talent is not there but hi res modelers are waiting and the new digital scanners are pretty good also.

The next big thing in gaming is running more code off of the video cards. Polygon shaders are another thing that is pretty big also. I think it will work like the last gen time line.

The Wii is the new NES the the HD systems are 3d once it starts to go into the 16bit age where 2d graphics are almost perfected. Instead we are talking about 3d graphics. Another thing is the controls and game play come back to the fore ground.

The only problem is going to be the players of next gen. Will they buy a Wii this gen? If they do I think they will want a new more powerful nintendo console. A form of virtual reality is forming right now and it's manifesting by way of the Wii right now. 1:1 is a big step towards this. MS has been talking about interconnecting things for ever it's not going to matter it doesn't even work all the time either. A social network isn't going to do any thing for games.

User created content support is going to be a big factor maybe and console that can run some things on the PC for building that content may appear. The only social network worth having on a console is a mod community and an indie scene. The game industry needs to give them selves the tools and people to keep pushing gaming into the next gen instead of hording every thing.