Xbox Live Arcade Sales, Castle Crashers Banks a Million.

There really aren't many words to describe what Castle Crashers did this week, with over 78,000 units. I knew that 'Crashers' was going to be big, but the market provided Crashers with a very robust opening, rivaling many boxed titles. It's already over $1.1 million USD in revenue, and has a very good shot at 250,000 before it's first month is over.

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jack who3366d ago

lol*insert cell joke cant profit here*

IzKyD13313366d ago

that also happens to be loaded with bugs apparently

Montrealien3366d ago


Try it out for yourself, I'm sure you won't have any problems. The interweb is known for making a mountain out of a mole hill. It is a great game.

Dyingduck3366d ago (Edited 3366d ago )

Great game, indeed

InMyOpinion3366d ago

Played it yesterday at a friends. I was surprised of how much fun it was. To be honest I expected less. For me this was even more entertaining than Braid, even if that's one sh!tty comparison =)

doshey3366d ago

sounds like a sweet game wish it would come to psn

spandexxking3366d ago

is it done by the same people that made alien hominid? the animation looked excactly the same

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The story is too old to be commented.