Spore Leaked

An Australian user of the Facepunch Studios Forums managed to snag a copy of Spore almost a week before the US gets it.

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vitz33754d ago (Edited 3754d ago )

Let the bitorrenting begin!

Now don't get me wrong I don't condone it for others, but since it IS technically an EA game... Well you make your own decisions.

EA is evil.

Will Wright is awesome.

Which will you choose?

seraph pinion3754d ago

cut off your nose to spite your face?


Bnet3433754d ago

Is this game pirateable? I don't think it is seeing as I had to enter an EA account when I was playing the trial. Maybe I am not sure, can anyone get back to me on this?

yesah3754d ago (Edited 3754d ago )

lucky guy, but thoose pics make him look like a douche

ChampIDC3754d ago

If it's not, somebody will crack it soon enough. Pirates get what they want eventually.

Ghoul3754d ago


Spore is such an innovativ and ambitious game that EVERYONE should pay for it. Otherwise you (torrent user) will once again proof the indzstry that innovation isnt profitable in such a scale.

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JohnnyMann4203754d ago

Those dudes pics of himself with Spore is funny.

Those are the worlds first pics of someone with spore and he's having his way with

angel199x3754d ago

lol yeah its like he wants with the game box with tongue sticking out and all. but damn am I jealous... the game seems interesting. just hope it doesnt disapoint.. but its EA.. so I dont have high expectations.

JohnnyMann4203754d ago

It's Will Wright and EA doesn't have really any say over his studio. Remember too that this dude made the Sims 2 and Sims under the EA name.

I know what people think about EA, but Will Wright is in his own league even under their name.

FantasyStar3754d ago

The middle finger one and the box licking one was incredibly uncessary.

El_Colombiano3754d ago

Of course it was necessary!

FantasyStar3754d ago

I don't get it, who is he doing it towards? Us, for getting the game earlier than the rest of the crowd? Or towards EA, for defying the system and getting a copy earlier than the rest of us?

El_Colombiano3754d ago

Must there always be an explanation? Haha, he got the game early. Let the kid feel special.

Jdoki3754d ago

I thought that one of the big things about Spore was that it would automatically download content in the background. So when you play the RTS portion, you would be playing against creations put together by another player.

I would assume the servers are not exactly packed with user generated content yet (the Creature Creator stuff was only a small part of the overall stuff a user can generate). Plus it would be rather easy for EA to detect who is trying to connect to their servers before the launch date.

So, lucky him for getting an early copy. But I'd prefer to wait a few days and get the full experience.

On the subject of pirating this game. I don't see much point. I'm guessing that because the Creature Creator required an EA account, the full game will too. Should make detecting ripped copies a bit easier (dupe keys etc). And what's the point of playing Spore offline only if you can't access the servers for all that user generated cool stuff?

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