Kicking Zombie Ass In 360 Left 4 Dead, Why No PS3 Version

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One of my most anticipated games for this year is Left 4 Dead, Valve's Zombie Apocalypse game that's all about cooperative play. The thing is I haven't been able to try, and until this week no one has, is the Xbox 360 version of the game.

I was worries that a Valve game built to be a PC experience would lose some of its luster when it hit the Xbox 360. So I sat down yesterday to play through one of the game's 20 or so maps.

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TheColbertinator3705d ago

Because Gabe Newell does'nt want to.Deal with it.PS3 owners should focus on getting the next Half Life or something.By the end of this year,PS3/360 owners will be too broke to get ports and multiplats.

Dzpool3705d ago

probably get the same treatment as Bioshock probably this time next year it will be out on the PS3 with the extra DLC that will probably be released 6 months from release

Time_Is_On_My_Side3705d ago (Edited 3705d ago )

Didn't he say the PlayStation 3 is a waste of time and will have no long term benefits programming for that platform? At the same time the better quality games are running on the PlayStation 3 platform. I think Gabe Newell is going to eat his words if true.

I understand having an opinion if you don't represent a whole company, but he does. For that fact only Gabe will be eyed a lot closer than someone like me. It's like the head of a car company saying we don't like non-heterosexual. Whether you think so or not when representing a company somethings you have to keep quiet about. If you don't like the PlayStation 3 architecture just say for the moment we're focusing on the Microsoft platforms.

Dzpool3705d ago

i disagree its more like the head of an aftermarket parts manufacturer says they would rather not make parts for one company then the other. But he should still have the right to say he doesn't like one platform considering that he still has an opinion and should be allowed to convey it.

TheColbertinator3705d ago

Gabe just does not like the PS3 architecture.It has nothing to do with inferiority or anything like that.He just hates multi-threading,developing for the 360,Wii,and PS3.Newell develops for PC because its easy for him.

On the other hand,Will Wright,John Carmack,and Sid Meier are giving the consoles a chance.Wright likes the Wii,Carmack likes Blu Ray,and Sid Meier likes developing for the consoles because he does not have to worry about testing out different PCs.

It seems to me that developers like Gabe Newell are making excuses while Carmack,Meier,and Wright are high profile programmers that earn my respect and my gaming dollars.

Odion3705d ago

except that Carmack is the only actual programmer in that list, and EA is going to whore out everything Will makes.

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HipHopGamerShowFan3705d ago

Once again, this game is 6-8 hrs long with bad graphcs.

So, I don't care.

OmarJA3705d ago

it's a generic counter strick port zombie shooter games

i'll stick with socom and resistance 2

StrikingDmc43705d ago

dont care then why are you here?

HipHopGamerShowFan3705d ago

To provide my comment.

And Advertising :)

Pain3705d ago (Edited 3705d ago )

Crappy games on a Crappy.. PC... err Console a Match made at Microsoft.

Dyingduck3704d ago

1. Why would I play this crappy game with horrible graphic and bad game-play when PS3 has R2, SOCOM, KZ2 and eventually MAG?

2. Why DA SH!T would I play a "valve game" on a console when the better looking version by miles is available to PC?

This game is over-rated

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Lucreto3705d ago

The only thing I will support is Portal other than that I refuse to buy anymore Valve games.

Shadow Man3705d ago

And they won't listen to our Orange Box petition.

LevDog3705d ago

Im gonna go with.. They are lazy.. They are used to PC and 360 and they dont feel like taking the time to Dev for PS3.. The superior hardware of the PS3 scares them.. I mean seriously, The videos that have been coming out.. Yes it looks like it could be fun..but Graphically it looks like PS2 game..

But Im sticking by the laziness comment.. Look at the Half Life 2 port they did.. They just threw it together.. Put no time in it to give Ps3 owners an equal game..

Close_Second3705d ago

...because when Gabe was wobbling through E3 several years back one of the lovely Sony sales ladies said no to reenacting the scene from Return of the Jedi where Princess Lea was dressed in a gold bikini being ogled by Jabba the Hutt.

From what I hear she said no to wanting to see Gabe in a gold bikini. He got so offended that he proclaimed the PS3 dead.

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