PAX 08 Video: LittleBIGPlanet Exclusive Gameplay Footage received some exclusive gameplay footage of "Kyle's Death Ramp," which featured the character jumping on a low-rider and driving.

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HipHopGamerShowFan3310d ago

Pimp/Gangsta Sackboy :)

Feels good to have a PS3

TheExecutive3310d ago

that guy was annoying. Game is awesome as usual.

ThatCanadianGuy3310d ago

I know..that guy "Kyle" is in 60% of the videos i see.Im getting sick of him and his never ending conversations.

cahill3310d ago

was there any doubt ever

colonel1793310d ago

Little Big Planet FTW.. This game is awesome!!

geda3310d ago

guy seemed pretty nice to me.

by the way, the currency is now called bubbles? sounds almost N4G-themed :P

xhi43310d ago

so true that guy kyle looks like his belly's about to burst with presents for alll the little children, he seemed like a douchebag "if you don't know about LBP you must be living under a rock" unlike that english guy who's actually making LBP and seems like a champ

haha good ol kyle, hes not going hungry thats for sure

yaboi3310d ago

would make a great couple
no lie

beavis4play3310d ago

anyone notice the size of that ladys arms? they're huge!

and LBP rocketcar? sweet.

Mr_Showtime13310d ago

Yea, he is quite annoying lol, but he means well.

I think he would make a great kids TV presenter...

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Skyreno3310d ago

THE Power of the PS3 ^^ oh yeah it feels good!!

ThatCanadianGuy3310d ago

That rocktet car was amazing.I think this video out of all the videos has gotten me the most hyped up for this game.Damn i want it :(

steck673310d ago

The rocket car was sick.

Webswinger933310d ago

I couldn't agree more. It made me smile.