Parrots Are Capable Of Playing End War

GameXtract writes "Tom Clancy's End War strategy game is all about voice commands. Ubisoft are strongly encouraging the use of your microphone, and show that its just as easy as using a regular controller. To further demonstrate how easy this feature is, Ubisfot went off to prove that even a parrot can play End War. At PAX a video was presented showing off two parrots going head to head with voice command. If you need your laughter of the day then here it is! Video after the jump!"

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Raoh3755d ago

Can't believe No one is giving SOCOM credit for being the first to do this on a console..

I"ve given voice commands to my squad via the microphone since socom 1...

Then i'd shoot Boomer in the head for getting in my way.... but that's anotehr story for another article