VE3D: Fallout 3 Updated Hands-On

VE3D: "Earlier today, in Bethesda's cozy double-wide trailer of love, we got to play Fallout 3 for a full hour. Yep, it was on the Xbox 360, and it was pretty much the same demo we had at E3. The only difference was that I had a little experience under my belt so I was able to try some new things that I didn't have time for last month. I have to admit, they did have the nicest booth at PAX, so I'm more than happy to share my updated experiences with you.

Much like before, we started off inside the Vault. If you want to catch up on that beginning stuff you can just scroll down to our E3 preview. Right now, I'm going to give you the blow-by-blow of what happened at PAX."

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