Achievement Unlocked?

Achievement points are an integral part of the Xbox 360 gaming experience yet, the range of difficulty to gain those achievements ranges so much from game to game that this article from 360Crazy asks - are achievement points fair?

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bobokadof3730d ago

i believe the trophy system (so far) has solved this ...M$ could copy them somehow

Klotzey3730d ago

that they even go after achievement jeez n4g should be changed to news for Sony Jesus this site use to be so good now i just think its anti x box every article is pro ps3 and the disagrees show it

mindedone3730d ago

All Seeds in level 8 in PixelJunk Eden is a bronze.

Beating Uncharted on Easy is a silver, I believe.

Anyone who has played both will tell you which is harder.

Bloodwar3730d ago

They could as easily say, you get a bronze trophy for beating the game on easy or you get 200 points for beating the game on easy. It is up to the developer and its up to the gamers if they wish to take time to complete the achievements. Perhaps there is some truth to the author's statement that "achievement points are pretty useless". My answer is, enjoy the game. If you want to get the achievements, no matter how difficult or easy they may seem, then get them. If you are like me, you just play the game, and don't worry what achievements you get.

superflyguy3730d ago

Have you seen the Warhawk trophies???

They're so easy to obtain. I'm already at 53% of trophies unlocked and all you need is two controllers and an internet connection to get a ton of the trophies for Warhawk. Some even involve killing yourself or just getting killed.

mt3730d ago


lol i bought Eden couz i was interested in the trophy but they are just so difficult

JasonPC360PS3Wii3730d ago

Trophies is just Sony's way of countering Microsofts achievement's... three years to late.

sumfood4u3729d ago

Hapiness has entered this building!

f7897903729d ago

Besides the rank and badge ones all others can be obtained by playing against yourself. They need to patch it to make it so you can only get them when playing on an official server.

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cow moolester3730d ago

And how has it solved it? Achievements/Trophies are completely upto the developer. Microsoft has no say in how much gamerscore should go for each achievement

SpecialSauce3730d ago

but Sony's system is more sophisticated and greatly improves the difficulty range.

FantasyStar3730d ago

I thought that Microsoft mandated that all 360 games have an achievement system up no more than 1000 gamerscore per game, while Sony just doesn't care.

SilPho3730d ago

I wouldn't say Sony don't care, they just give the developers more flexibility, or at least that's how it looks. We have no idea what goes on behind the scenes.

Panthers3729d ago

I think Sony has their own system. They said they are going to closely watch the trophies and levels. We know that PSN games dont get a Platinum trophy. I am sure there are other things about this we dont know. Each game can probably only give you a certain amount of exp.

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LoveWaffles3730d ago

i.e. you get an achievement for just turning on the Simpsons game but then you have Seriously how does all that work out there should be some kind of standard

sak5003730d ago

Its upto the developer how he wants people to get the achievements. If he's a sadist he'll make one like seriously2.0, if he's a pacifist and wants people to have fun then he'll go with DICE BF:BC route or COD4 route where most of the achievements require the game to be played and not doing something by chance like killing the developer in an online match achievment for GTAIV.

Btw trophies suck big time as its being thrown in after 2 years and no developer is taking it seriously. Also how will u know about the experience level of a person by looking at his avatar? counting the trophies? or a numeric value showing how much he's scored overall?

EastCoastSB3730d ago

You click on a person's PSN and it brings up a "gamercard" and it shows how many trophies they have, what level they're on, and how many of each type of trophy that person has.

Yea, that sucks big time.

sak5003730d ago (Edited 3730d ago )

I'm talking about small business card size gamer card not a full page article about what the guy's been doing. Does it have any numeric value or will it just show 1000s of small trophies?

harv0523730d ago

sak500 is right in a way...When IN a game, there is no real way to see the level a person is at, unless you add them to your friends list, correct me if I'm wrong...

getrdone3730d ago

You can look at peoples gamecards in the Add friends thing without adding them as a friend, but it only holds the last 50 people that you met online.

harv0523730d ago

Yeah I know exactly what you mean...Although I do believe there is a flaw with that system. It doesn't work with all games...My list is made up of 49 COD4 players, though I haven't played that game in months. Rock Band doesn't even go in there......

sak5003730d ago


Thanks first time i'm seeing the picture of trophies looks almost like the gamercard with just trophy part added to differentiate it. I'll stick to GC on 360 which is simpler and easier to understand.

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Girl Gamer3730d ago

Surely though, Microsoft could set up some guidelines for developers to follow when it comes to putting achievement points into their games. Wouldn't that make more sense than having huge differences in the difficulty of gaining points?

Lost_My_600_Dollar3730d ago (Edited 3730d ago )

Hot chick in n4g 1000 point

JOLLY13730d ago (Edited 3730d ago )

How the crap do you know if she is hot? What is she is like juuken...a dude. Anyways, welcome Girl Gamer.

On topic, I think that some games that are hardcore are going to have hardcore achievements. While less hardcore games will have more friendly achievements. I don't think Microsoft should regulate these things. I think the devs do a pretty good job deciding who their game is tailored toward.

lsujester3730d ago (Edited 3730d ago )

My only problem with Achievements/Trophies is the exact method of unlocking them sometimes.

Many games require you to do a certain thing online. That's fine and dandy, until you get the Halo 3 type of Achievements where you have weapon specific things to accomplish. I hated getting into a match just to find a bunch of kids who didn't want to play, and only wanted to line up for each other.

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