UGO: The PAX 10 - Indie Gaming Goodness

UGO: "PAX is just for you. It's not for the big developers. Or even the media outlets that cover the event. It's a chance for gamers to check out upcoming titles, hang out with other enthusiasts, and generally have a good time while they turn downtown Seattle on it's head for a weekend. But there's also one very important piece of PAX that's focused on showing off the fresh new talent in the gaming industry: the indie developers.

This year at the expo, a group of 10 indie developers have been selected to show off their games to the public. They're called the PAX 10, and Gabe and Tycho (the creators of the Penny Arcade webcomic) have put them at them at the forefront of the show.

This morning began with a press conference with each of the developers fielding questions about their experiences in the indie game world. It's daunting to even try to imagine some of the loopholes these guys had to jump through to get their games certified. And now that a few of them have made the jump to retail, and the others are putting on their final touches, they're all feeling pretty hopeful about their futures in the industry. But it's not time for a vacation just yet.

These, are the PAX 10."

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