SOCOM Confrontation Beta News

More info from the highly anticipated new installment from the SOCOM series...

I've been busy with shooting interviews at PAX today, but now that I've got the chance to catch up, I just wanted to share an update on the SOCOM Confrontation public beta that was posted earlier today on

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MAR-TYR-DOM3730d ago

"If you haven’t done it already, you can pre-order the game from GameStop® in the US to get into the Public Beta (EB Games™ for our brethren to the North)."


UNCyrus3730d ago

hahaha, i like your icon.. except when i'm playing in hardcore.... *sigh*

shazam3730d ago

i paid for this and i still get the beta a week late. and i thought us annual subscription people would get the beta before the regular qore people. wtf did i pay 25 bucks for? what is this sh|t?

Dino3730d ago

I was thinking the same thing. Total b.s. I'm done with this pre order this pre order that online mag blah blah blah. What a waist of cash and hard drive space(thus far). And until it gets better Sony better expect some complaining.

macalatus3730d ago (Edited 3730d ago )

Don't play those games then! Me and my friends on the other hand would love to play those games.

Red, White, and Blue baby!!

jay23730d ago

Good, no los on OPEN BETA days due to their delay.

socomnick3730d ago

If I were you guys I would not preorder. Pirate one of our very own has been in the beta for quite some time and says its one of the most broken , ugly, and horrible games he has played. In fact I believe he said it is the worst game hes played. Just be careful guys.

Vicophine3730d ago

Attempt at trolling: -Failed-

themyk3730d ago

dude. shutup. ur such a tool.

yeah guys be careful. because that 5 bucks you spend to pre order the game might be a complete waste.

u fail. go play halo [email protected]

g3nkie3730d ago

Hence the word "Beta" idiot. What do you expect?

socomnick3730d ago

Jesus did you guys read my comment. Its not trolling. Ask our member Dr.Pirate what his impressions of the private beta were and he says its the worst game he ever played. They should have let zipper handle it.

poopsack3730d ago

maybe cause its not a game its a beta. ohh didnt think about that did you?

socomnick3730d ago

Cod 4 beta was flawless, Halo 3 beta was flawless, Battle field beta was good. Pirate told me the socom beta was atrocious. He told me it looks like a ps1 game, flat textures, you can jump 5 feet in the air, theres no recoil the guns reticule justs expands. Im not telling you guys to outright abandon the game. Im just saying be cautiously optimistic because so far the game is looking bad but that does not mean its not gonna change.

VF34EJ253730d ago

hard to tell if he's really "trolling"

Not saying that the game sucks balls or anything, cause i've never played it. but even based off the most recent video, the animations do look broken, and the textures have that weird "ugly" vaseline look to them.

of course this has nothing to do with game play, but come down to reality folks. the graphics aren't up to par with other PS3 games.

cant wait to try out the beta though. i'm sure if the game play is there, the graphics might as well just look like the PS2 version and nobody would care. =)

socomnick3730d ago

Trust me Guys im not trolling.

Heres some pictures of the beta the bottom one is screen caped from his ps3 by pirate.

vickers5003730d ago

Wow socomnick, just wow. You are the very definition of a fanboy. Looking for pixels and small textures to point out how supposedly bad they look? Seriously, that is PATHETIC. Go back to your hole.

rexor07173730d ago

Your right. From the video's, I would rather look at and play COD4. I am canceling my preorder.

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