FF13 Influenced by identity, terrorism and immigration

The outside world has played its part in Final Fantasy titles. Issues such as global warming and war have been transferred into Final Fantasy 7's "Green Peace" group Avalanche, and Final Fantasy 12's war torn continent.
This article discusses Final Fantasy 13's influences; Identity, Terrorism & Immigration.

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Vicophine3754d ago

It's all about perception baby.

xhi43754d ago

there is no reality.

Reality is nothing more than our own perception of reality,

Laexerias3754d ago

then why arent there any anime-lolitas like konata in my bed... TELL ME WHY!? T_T

FF13 is going to be a great series of games.

solidt123754d ago

Cool, I like it when games throw in some real life issues into the story.

Overr8ed3754d ago

Yea Versus is about the Power with Oil (in the FF world the Crystal)

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Rock Bottom3754d ago

Sounds awesome, I hope we're in for an epic story.

Shadow Man3754d ago

I can't wait to play this game on my 360 n_n.

Laexerias3754d ago

enjoy to switch the dvds, the weaker visuals and also the crappier sound.

I mean, i feel sorry for the japanese developer, they are easy to buy, but they know they cant archive what they want with the xbox360. i just say lost odyssey, its a wonderful great game, but you see it lagging every f*cking second when the battle starts, or you change the map, even in cutscenes. and also the game is way to short for a RPG, i mean i just played the 2nd DVD for 5 hours and changed to the 3rd one.. !? i mean what the f*ck!?

militant073754d ago

we BOTH will enjoi waiting dude
and thnx for achievements <3

deanobi3754d ago

maybe the gameplay will be a tad downgraded from teh ps3 version, but im gald the story and length will remain - even if i have to switch more discs...

La Chance3754d ago (Edited 3754d ago )

FF13 looks simply magnificent.

Dyingduck3754d ago

You can only get the true FF experience on the PS3:
PS3 = Lead platform for FFXIII, and has been since 2005.
PS3 version = On a 50 GB Blu-ray disc, uncompressed.

In addition:
1. Exclusive FFXIII demo in March 2009 on PS3
2. Exclusive FFXIII in Japan - for you Japanese speaker to port since no regional lock unlike the crapbox DVDs
3. Exclusive FFXIII Versus on PS3
4. Exclusive FFXIII Agito on PSP

The 360 version is a port. So I really shouldn't be calling it a "version" at all.
The 360 PORT hasn't even gone into development.
The 360 PORT will be on multiple DVD's and it will “probably” STILL look worse than the PS3 version (e.g. RAGE + Far Cry II)

With Crapbox360's RROD + warranty expiring, Microwave Oven-heat + Lawnmower-noise + Disc scratchier + non-BR + 50 USD Live per year + no Wifi + no HDMI port + no upgradable HD + HORRIBLE, HORRIBLE value for your money (see: beloved console WILL die by the time FFXIII is released in NA

(Copied and pasted from my thread in other FF articles)...I know, the truth hurts...

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Dream Machine3754d ago

Interesting, seeing as Lighting and her compatriots are from Pulse (well Blonde Dude and Red-Haired Girl definatly are and Lightning is on their side so to speak) I'm guessing we'll be the terrorists. Score!

deanobi3754d ago

although FF12's story was pretty good, im welcoming the terrorism to appear in FF13 rather than full scale war

centrum2k3754d ago

there is story in ff12?? i must played the wrong game. okay that was a little overstatement. the first 3hrs in ff12 was good, and then it went downhill. but everything else about ff12 was good.

deanobi3754d ago

lol ok ill give you the story was a bit political and sometimes boring/confusing in parts...

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