Point/Counterpoint: Does Clone Wars need MotionPlus to succeed?

In this edition of Point/Counterpoint, Wii Fanboy tackles the issue of MotionPlus and Lucasarts' upcoming Star Wars game, The Clone Wars: Lightsaber Duels. Sure, there's a rumor of another game in the works that will utilize the tech, but nothing is confirmed yet. Does a Star Wars game need MotionPlus? Read on for the debate.

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ChickeyCantor3758d ago

no because starwars fans will get it no matter what XD

Smacktard3757d ago

Agreed, but it seems like a stupid idea to have a lightsaber game that's based around waggling. More precise stuff would make more sense.

Durffen3757d ago

Why can't they just delay the game to add MotionPlus support? The Force Unleashed was suppose to come out in April, and now it's releasing five months later. five month's should be enough time to throw in MotionPlus support.

Hey, delay it even longer, I don't care, as long as it's awesome.