How will Microsoft respond to Home?

Home is highly anticipated throughout the PlayStation community. Many are saying that this is going to change the way we socialise on our consoles, and we here at That Gaming Site agree, well just myself and Ankido. Mehar our Xbox reporter and founder of the site, has different opinions, which will be expressed a bit later on. We also have Chris Rah Osiris from PlayStation LifeStyle sharing his views with us, making this a special article and hopefully the first of many for the two sites.

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THC CELL3757d ago (Edited 3757d ago )

Home is the future. Avatars is an experiment. 1 0000000000000 % true

Microsoft will give up in the end unless they buy second life out and add that to xbox even then home will still be better

Yourmomisfun3756d ago

oh really still i rather play ps3 and jerk off to incest porn cause thats what all my ps3 friends do :) but well have fun doing it in a 3d space yay!

MAR-TYR-DOM3757d ago (Edited 3757d ago )

"They seem to be offering “some” similar functions, but in an entirely different league. Its like when the PS3 was first released and people compared the PSN to the Xbox Live. Well now it is Sony’s turn to say, what can Avatars do that Home can not?"

So true! Oh how the tables have turned

This next guy was just a plain old fanboy

"I believe Microsoft already has a answer to Home, that answer is called the “New Xbox Experince”! With the new experince you will be able to create your self a avatar, create a party of people, play a game together, watch a movie together, etc the stuff Home is shaping up to be anyway. I highly doubt people will buy the PS3 just for Home, it really seems like something only those who have a PS3 will enjoy for as long as they can, Nintendo and Microsoft shouldn’t worry.I also believe Home is not as revoluntionary has people are saying, I could do 90-95% of the stuff being touted in home on almost any Phantasy Star game starting with the one’s on the Dreamcast. If we could do all of that stuff in 2000 on a 56K modem, what’s all the hype about? On the Xbox 360 I can download the Phantasy Star demo and experience what home will be.

........ WTF is this guy thinking. What, are people seriously going to buy Xbox 360's because they have Mii ripoffs and a new dashboard? The only response i have is...

OH WAIT... I also for got about this
"Microsoft is not a company that is well known for innovation. Well innovation outside of Xbox Live."
Lmao what a classic statment!!

bomboclaat_gamer3757d ago

chill out mon. u taking this gaming ting too serious rasta. just smoke a bag a weed a chill out under the sun

Time_Is_On_My_Side3757d ago

Actually when you're in a computer class Microsoft is known for stealing ideas and getting famous for it. For example the operating system wouldn't look that way it did if they didn't look at Macintosh for the GUI (Graphical User Interface). Microsoft was going to use the old style by typing the hard drive ect. or something like that.

seraph pinion3757d ago (Edited 3757d ago )

I'm Ras, and I'm passin' the Healin' of the Nation.

xhairs93757d ago


Finally other people are beginning to realize this, I've been saying this forever. If you want to see the next Windows, Look at the Mac today. Fkn A man, I love you.

AngryHippo3757d ago

That was just a bit of an anti microsft rant there. I really dont understand all the hype about home, sure its a great idea but how many people here talking [email protected] about the microsoft fall update and making home sound like the most incredible thing ever have even tried home. One things for sure at least i know all the features that will be arriving in the fall update. I honestly cant see all the features and ideas being ready for home this fall.

Evil Rant Monkey3757d ago

pass it this way, seraph pinion

TheMART3757d ago

@ Some_One_Plays

Like Sony tries to copy Xbox Live with PSN? Trophies (Gamerpoints), the movie download service, cross game invites, chats you name it.

Everyone copies. The question is: who executes the stuff the best way will win. And that way competition is good. It'll keep Nintendo, Microsoft and Sony sharp on winning the customer for their machine. Although Nintendo facked up the real gamers. It'll be hard to win those back, but hey the masses buy their supercharged gamecube with motion sensing controllers and a pile of mindless sh!tty minigames...

Elven63757d ago

OP:What makes you think people will buy a PS3 for home?

jspc19893757d ago (Edited 3757d ago )

Just lately i have noticed that one way or another the website has become 99% pro sony.

Its kinda sad really because im not pro anyone, in fact, tell a lie, im pro everyone who gives me the games i want lol x

My statement kind of proved there by the instant disagrees.

Dzpool3757d ago

I actually hope they don't add something like home to xbox live as i really don't like sim style games or experineces

Idonthatejustcreate3757d ago (Edited 3757d ago )

Your right about which one that makes the best service wins but nobody wins if we get the same games five times over from different developers. What we need is a healthy dose of innovation shot in to the gaming market and someone to take the risk of it flopping.

The Wii and it's games are designed from the ground up to make you smile and laugh as soon as you start the console up. This way it becomes the perfect casual party machine. It's also made so you will get bored with it after a couple of minutes and give the controler to the next drunk guy waiting in line after you. The key to this is extreme repetitive gameplay. I find it amazing that people actually fall for this.

robbo9183757d ago

"Like Sony tries to copy Xbox Live with PSN? Trophies (Gamerpoints), the movie download service, cross game invites, chats you name it."

You lose on most of your points in that statement. Xbox Live did NOT invent movie download services, cross game invites, nor chats. Technically they didn't invent the concept of gamerpoints but they did make it more of a fine tuned "product" so I will give you that one.

I agree with what you said on "everyone copies" but MS very rarely does anything but copy, at least Sony has shown more originality IMO.

I don't think MS will respond much beyond their new dashboard experience thing. If they react too much they run the risk of appearing nervous and giving more attention to Home. I think they will release the new dashboard thing and let it go personally.

Bangladesh3757d ago

I think that Home is a little "too much", I also think that it will become a den for pedophiles. I can see already sexual deviants luring kids to their "home" space filled with porn. It's going to happen. My children will not be using it.

HateFanboys3756d ago

I hope they don't add something like the new dashboard experience to PSN
I actually hope they don't add something like the new dashboard experience to PSN as i really don't like a cheap home style ripoff or experineces

acedoh3756d ago

You sir are really ignorant and know nothing about HOME... I am a BETA tester and can say that this is a very safe environment. SONY is looking into what each persons personal space can have right now. After the last update they don't allow personal photos. So I think they are one step ahead of you... Plus it becomes parents responsibilities to put filters on the PS3 if that is their wish. Parents can make it so their children cannot communicate with others unless they are on their friends list... There are even further limits. So please don't use your ignorance to try and scare people.

Damphear3756d ago

your retarded. if a pedo wanted your kids he'd get them you watch to much news thinkingg a sick pedo is out to get your kids.

the trick is to dont let your kids use a mic. and teach them to be smart.

you fail as a parent

RoidRage3756d ago

Bang is right. Second Life has/had a pedo problem, Home probably will too. I can see the headline now- "Pedophilestation 3?".

Bangladesh3756d ago (Edited 3756d ago )

If not allowing my children to be scarred by some sicko using his ps3 to get his rocks off, that's my business. And I don't think that qualifies as bad parenting. You two obviously don't have children, and if you do you should reavuluate your priorities.

You probably just gave some journalist their headline.

Elven63756d ago

acedoh: Your in a closed environment, when it is open such cases might happen.

robbo9183756d ago

@ Elven6: If he is saying that in beta Sony is blocking things then odds are they will block them once released also. Will someone eventually find ways to add things that don't belong? Probably yes but its not likely to be rampant as its much easier for them to find other prey on they net sadly. You have no idea that it will be a place for pedophiles anymore than he or I know that Sony will restrict that from happening, have to wait and see don't we? I do have to say that Sony has resisted hacking for the most part so far.

@ Bang: You claim to have both systems but a simple check of your postings show a slight bias against PS3. Regardless of that potential bias however I have to ask if you allow your children on Live? I can't believe the things I hear on there when hanging out with my friend that has an X360 and usually from children under the age of 13. To be neutral do you even allow them on Live or PSN? I do want to say I admire that you want to protect your children but you don't have to bash PS3 in the process. Your opinion is Home will be a "den for pedophiles" and mine is that it won't. This is not the same as Second Life despite what they might share in similarities. I do happen to have a bit of experience in what children are exposed to as I work in Child Welfare, not bragging just letting you know I am not just talking smoke and there are many more dangerous and easily accessible things than Home will likely be and most pedophiles prefer the easier routes. Love your avatar btw.

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Idonthatejustcreate3756d ago (Edited 3756d ago )


This article questions something I would like to know as a gamer. Does microsoft step it's game up and deliver a better experience? Then maybe we will see 360 taking over the gaming market with greatness and that is not a bad thing at all.


Everyone knows that you like to bash the PS3 with every chance you get. Stop fronting. I've never seen you bash a 360 game or nintendo game but your all over the Ps3 section. just stop embaressing yourself. shoo.


Dude just let people have thier own opinions about a console. If you feel that you need to fight everyone that thinks different than yourself than maybe you should question your own stance in the fanboy war? Only a fanboy thinks that thier opinion is the only one that matters. So are you really that neutral that you claim you are? In a war nothing is right or wrong, there are only shades of gray. Learn that.

shelbygt333756d ago

To counter the first poster's point - how many people are going to buy a PS3 for Home? Now think of this seriously, take off your sony-filtered sunglasses and forget about "that one kid who said he was waiting for it".

I'm sure you'll come to a logical conclusion eventually.

(The same can be said for the new xbox experience as well. These things aren't main selling points!)

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Omega43757d ago (Edited 3757d ago )

With the Fall Update

It lets you do everything HOME has to offer and much more with a much simplier and more efficent user interface, which can be accessed ingame at anytime.

The only feature HOME has over Live is the ability to make your own appartment which doesnt really help you get into an online game at all.

Oh and another exclusive feature you can make you avatar dance in HOME....:)

Deviant3757d ago

stop spreading bullshit -.-
"The only feature HOME has over Live is the ability to make your own appartment which doesn't really help you get into an online game at all. "
..yeah lets forget :
-all the spaces
-all the possibilities for devs (like the arcade machines)
+ everything for free
....oh and it does help you get into a game. you would know if u played warhawk.

doshey3757d ago

wow u did some great fact checking didnt u omega

Omega43757d ago (Edited 3757d ago )

A lot of those features rely on devs taking extra time to implement them.
And since a bunch of FRIST PARTY devs cant be bothered to implement trophies and in game music what makes you think they will bother with spaces and arcade machines

And what 'events' are you taking about, if anything they will be similar to MS's Gameshows

And another thing i dont think HOME can be accessed IN-GAME so to do a bunch of the standard features of LIVE you have to exit your game and load up HOME, which i think will get really annoying

doshey3757d ago

okay who ever said home was going to be accessed in game and the events we are talking about are going into the home places and watching e3 through home smartass

falviousuk3757d ago

@ deviant.

Not sure where you read your info but the HOME software is free. And you get a basic set of clothijng , basic living space with some basic furniture to put in it, However You will have to buy extra clothing to make your HOME avatar look more unique, you will have to buy more items for your place and even buy a bigger place if you want that sort of thing. You dont have to buy anything of course, but then you wont get that unique HOME experience.

So DLC purchasing is coming to HOME

Deviant3757d ago

same goes for avatars/ms.
sony/(ms) won't charge for basic features that's all i care about.
btw:..ill unlock the "unique" stuff by playing games :P.

Time_Is_On_My_Side3757d ago

Don't forget the theatre, the lobbies for strategies before games, uploading videos in your trophy room, attending events like E3 while still being at home, and most of all you can invite as much people as you can to watch movies, listen to music, or just talk.

lol, the only thing it can do is dance.

AngryHippo3757d ago

....the fall update imo is a simplified home without having to wander around.

@deviant, you seem to know a lot about home, you in the home beta? if you are add me. If you have not experienced home yet then i think its you who seem to be talking bullsh!t.

Idonthatejustcreate3757d ago

Just wait untill home and lbp comes. That combo is unbeatable.

Deviant3757d ago (Edited 3757d ago )

"its you who seem to be talking bullsh!t" ....any examples ? i haven't mentioned anything which hasn't been confirmed yet. btw i don't have to add anyone to prove my points neither do i have to do anything else just to convince u. if u think I'm talking bullshit just ignore/report me. :)

TheDude2dot03757d ago

Can someone please explain to me why every MS fanboy is saying that the Fall update will be better than Home? Even a complete idiot fanboy would know that they're nothing alike. The avatars don't do anything besides appear in some games (maybe). That "make a party together and play games" was available before this Fall update. Halo 3 anyone? Or were those fake parties? Watch movies together? Wasn't that only availabe in the Netflix thing? Where people have to have both Live and Netflix subscriptions to watch it together? The Fall update is killing my blades. I don't want MS to start doing this stupid casual crap. They never made any money out of it and they certainly don't know how to. Just keep the blades and give some more top notch games.

And all the PS3 fanboys need to stop whining about how Home will kill the 360. Seriously, I am not sure Home will work out, and if it does, who's going to buy a PS3 for Home? The fact is that the Fall update and Home won't be system sellers. They're free things that make it more fun to play games. That's what you should be talking about, not what's better.

Klotzey3757d ago (Edited 3757d ago )

Im gonna say this that the fall update will have 8 player chat supported in game and we can move from game to game to movie in a party without booting up home. Thats impressive and if i want to play sims ill go buy the game. I realy am not looking forward to living a video game life i have a real life for that im more concerned with the online features coming with these to services and i think fall update is just as good as home. Who cares if i get 50 disagrees this site is flooded with ps3 fanboys and btw home is taking so long becuase sony forgot more about the gaming snd were getting carried away with all the sims like stuff hehe.

Edit: guys sorry for being so biased i love the idea of home and the fall update just all this bashing on xbox this xbox that brought this out on me just play your games with friends and who cares whats better!

TheDude2dot03756d ago

First of all, 10 agrees, yet I still lost a bubble...

And secondly, the fact is that this Fall update is not going to change the world, it is not an answer to Home, or at least not treated as one. You WILL be disappointed. The features are awesome, but people are treating it like it is going to solve all the PS3 problems. The only thing it will do is make features better. It won't sell systems, it's just a different way of playing.

And Home is NOT Sims. If you say that I just lose all respect for you. At least know about what you are insulting before you do so.

CommonSense3756d ago

omega i'll give you a bubble to counter some of the negatives i'm sur eyou got. these guys all seem to believe sony is god and ps3 is his son sent to save us all. they forget that you have to pay REAL MONEY to buy a couch for your apartment in Home. they also seem to forget that most of the features of home are the same thing as what is available already on xbox live. actually they don't forget...they simply don't know cuz they DON'T OWN IT. none of these idiots speak from experience. they just run their mouths about things they know nothing about. which is so typical of a fanboy. There is nothing amazing about Home. it's a cool idea but it's also a lot of excess. walking around to do things instead of accessing an easy menu system doesn't sound like that great of an idea to me. just to people who don't have access to the simplicity and depth of live. and that's ppl who ONLY have psn.

it's pointless for multi console owners to get involved in the debate cuz n4g has way more ps3 fanboys than normal, open minded gamers.

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InMyOpinion3757d ago

By releasing more games? I'm sorry but I'm more interested in playing games than walking around in some virtual space. Home looks to be too much of a standalone product than an integrated component of PSN. I think it will become a fad pretty quickly.

doshey3757d ago

sony wont let home become a fad

Deviant3757d ago

jenzo u dont own a ps3 so why do u care anyway?

You bought an Xbox3757d ago

Is that you in your Avatar ?

Ha Ha

your Such a Badass !!!

Ha Ha

juuken3757d ago (Edited 3757d ago )

Why do you care so much?

Not only can PS3 owners play games, they can have their own virtual space.

Now that's what I call an all-in-one package.

I can play games. (Uncharted, Ninja Gaiden Sigma, Resistance, MGS4-all excellent games, not to mention the fact I'm getting Warhawk)

I can watch DVD/bluray movies (LOVE kungfu/martial arts movies and they look so damn good on the PS3).

I can play PSN games like Pixel Junk, and Super Stardust.

I don't have to worry about my system dying within a month.

I can change my harddrive without *upgrading* to another system. I'm getting the whopping 500gb harddrive for my PS3 soon from now.

I can charge my controllers on my PC without worrying about batteries.

I don't have to worry about disk scratching.

I don't have to worry about my disks being fried because my system has this habit of getting hotter than hell.

...I don't know Jenzo but it feels good to be a PS3 owner. :)

Oh, and dearest Jenzo I called my uncle and told him I want a Wii instead. I made my final decision because I don't like taking chances with systems and I don't want my uncle wasting money on a system that breaks within a month.

I want him to spend his money wisely, of course.

And disagree button is slammed.

It's alright to be jealous. Let it aaaaaaall out.

InMyOpinion3757d ago

Of course I don't own a PS3. And you don't own 360's, but I still see you trolling 360 posts all the time. I just wanted to see juuken do one of her long defense speeches lol! Are you tracking me, juuken?

juuken3757d ago (Edited 3757d ago )

Jenzo...are *you* tracking me? Why do you have a stupid rebuttal every five seconds?

I troll 360 articles? What about you? You have this habit of trolling along with your fellow bots as well. This is N4G if I am not mistaken. I comment when I feel I have something relevant to say. Don't use that hypocritical backtalk with me when BOTS DO THE SAME EXACT THING IN PS3 ARTICLES!

I know I don't own a 360 Jenzo. I will never own a 360. I will never own a 360, not when I see the evil behind an American corporation who likes to play around with secret price tags.

Wow...just wow.

I must be getting to you bots lately.

It's not my fault you're getting raped by this greedy ass corporation.

I'm surprised they haven't stamped a price tag on your freakin head as well!

Lol, defense speeches.

Then what are you doing exactly? Defending yourself against a girl?

Oh man, you're full of sh*t buddy.

cliffbo3757d ago (Edited 3757d ago )

@ Jenzo

wow, you couldn't be further from the truth. Second Life, which is laggy, graphically lame is immensely popular, can you imagine what a system that isn't laggy, has brilliant graphics and games will be like. HOME with cater to every demographic and with Trophy and Level integration will just be in a different universe to LIVE. LIVE is good, don't get me wrong, but the crowing has lessened of late and PSN is starting to make it look ridiculous especially in the games department (which is why we buy consoles after all)

cemelc3757d ago (Edited 3757d ago )

yeah i enjoy playing 360 games on the PC too ,and real exclusives on the PS3, its a shame you xbots dont know what exclusives means, and have to beta test all the games in order for me to have the real version of the game.

Sir_Ken_Kutaragi3757d ago (Edited 3757d ago )

PS3 - Full-Life;) HOME

P.C - Second-Life

xBox 360 - NO-Life!!!

xBot Lemmings - POND-Life!!!

Bill Gate$ - LOW-Life!!! ;-D


TheMART3757d ago

@ Juuken

You Juuken are a troll. And I bet when you look in the mirror, you'll see a troll also.

Damn you probably need a Wii for sure, do WiiFit because I bet even Godzilla's footsteps sound like a bird walking on the roof compared to the sound produced when you walk!

karlostomy3757d ago

You are right there.

She is a bit loopy that juuken troll.
What's more, she keeps stalking my comments?

Although I am a bit flattered by her attention, I just wish she'd stop, - she is scaring me a bit..... :)

juuken3757d ago (Edited 3757d ago )

Well took you morons long enough to get here!

"You Juuken are a troll. And I bet when you look in the mirror, you'll see a troll also."

You, Mart are a troll. You are a pathetic whiny little git who likes to call others trolls and yet you're the biggest troll around here. What happened to your PoG account? Did it run out of bubbles already? I heard that you have two accounts and the Mods protect you like royalty or something!

I don't have multiple accounts hun. Like I said, I don't need multiple accounts to prove my arguments.

I bet that if you look in the mirror, it would probably crack because your ugly ass broke it!

"Damn you probably need a Wii for sure, do WiiFit because I bet even Godzilla's footsteps sound like a bird walking on the roof compared to the sound produced when you walk!"

And you would know what I look like outside the internet? Oh noesssss, I'm offended now! I shall now cry! Boo-hoooooooooooooooooez! I love how you judge people you don't know in real life Mart. It shows a lot about your character. Instead of proving me wrong with my points...(or remotely contributing to the article for that matter) you insult someone instead.

Oh my, and karl is here too? Holy sh*t sure love stalking me don't you? It took ya long enough to get here along with Mart! What the hell, are you guys lovers or something? Or do you sleep in the same bed with the Microsh*t representatives Greenburg and Kim? Don't you guys have some sucking to do? Oh...wait, that's right. Bedtime is over for you guys.

So thaaaaat's why you're here!

Lost_My_600_Dollar3757d ago (Edited 3757d ago )

the funny part is , some don't even have a PS3. they are just loyal to the brand Name and that's really silly

I don't really care about home or second life , some people like it but I don't

@ Juuken

Attention please

Guys you turned her into a killing machine. runaway as much as you can
or face the consequences!!!!

Pain3757d ago

2 -
By releasing more games? I'm sorry but I'm more interested in playing games than walking around in some virtual space. Home looks to be too much of a standalone product than an integrated component of PSN. I think it will become a fad pretty quickly-

-its Cuz your a American you will never get it.

Go play your halo.

Light Yagami3757d ago

lmfao. So much filth in this world, and I want to get rid of it all!!! I'll start with the bots.

silverchode3757d ago

everyone give mart bubbles for picking on a girl/sarcasm.

Yourmomisfun3756d ago

i gave him bubbles so i can hear him speak anybody wanna have a homo circlejerk with me on PSN? oh wait everyone is on N4G waiting for games.... oh well. fap fap fap

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ChefDejon3757d ago (Edited 3757d ago )

don't bring that avatar bull again'st HOME