Mercenaries 2: World in Flames Review by Evil Avatar writes "What would the videogame landscape have be like if Mercenaries 2: World in Flames (from now on called Mercs 2) had come out last year at its scheduled time after Grand Theft Auto IV had been delayed? We'll never know, but if you pick up Mercs 2 you will undoubtedly see or create some comparisons between the two games although this one has no blood (Teen rating), but is generally more violent than GTA IV with a bigger variety of weapons at your disposal.

Pandemic decided to once again go the semi-realistic route with basing the game in Venezuela two years in the future, something that country has not been very happy about and have vocally said so. "This is a game after all, who cares?" we might say, although once again Allied Nations (or the "USA" the soldiers are happy to call it before correctly themselves) and the People's Republic of China show up a good deal into the game to add to the factions and the whole situation becomes all too possible. What does Venezuela have in the real world that the United States and China would want to be in on? Well, oil of course! This game is no different in that respect: he who controls the oil production controls the country is the general mantra.

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Unreal29013697d ago

Going to give it a go hope it fills the gap untill the 16th thats when star wars game unleashed comes out. 4 out of 5 thats not bad