Bill of rights aims to straighten out PC games market

If you've ever bought a spanking new PC game and rushed it home only to find that it runs about as fast as a snail on Prozac even though your machine meets the minimum specs easily, then you'll surely vote for the Gamer's Bill of Rights.

The idea comes from PC developers Stardock and Gas Powered games and aims to put an end to the unsatisfactory experience of what they see as dishonest marketing.

10-step plan as follows:

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Senden3729d ago

O dear, poor ubisoft are going to suffer.. every single pc game i've played of theirs in the last 3 years has been an extremely crappy console port.

Black_Jack3729d ago

this is a little weird, although i do agree that to some uninformed people with a pc, all they'd see is this amazing new game for their platform, they buy it and it plays like sh!te. to them they fell jipped because it was marketed to them as being graphically groundbreaking, to them as pc users all the same, yet it plays like sh!te and they've wasted their money on the game. this could straighten this situation out.

but on the other hand minimum system requirements are on the box for a reason, and anyone who pc games should read them before they buy. pc gaming graphics can only go as far as the pc users wallet and if thats not far than what can they expect.

Fux4Bux3729d ago

The only reason PC gaming has fallen out of mainstream popularity is because of customer ignorance. Minimum specs is definitely a joke. Recommended is usually the lowest you can run it decently at.

What they need is better standards. Better optimizing. And microsoft to FORCE computer manufacturers to include a decent graphics cards in all but the very cheapest computers. The main problem with PC gaming is that some know nothing could go to Best Buy today and spend $1500 on a computer that couldn't run a game newer than 2 years old.

SaiyanFury3729d ago (Edited 3729d ago )

I couldn't agree more. PC gamers are the ones who usually keep their systems updated, and consumer ignorance about PCs couldn't be worse. You ask the average person if they're willing to open their own PC case and they act like it's the ark of the covenant from Indiana Jones. Most peoples' PCs these days are so old and un-updated that they have little hope of running current games. Since most people choose to remain in the dark about technology, they have no one but themselves to blame when a game they buy won't run. They are called "Minimum System Requirements" for a reason. Why are people so surprised when a game they buy for their system runs so poorly? What do you expect when you have a PC that's going out of date and you try to buy a brand new game? It's public ignorance that's the problem. Misinterpreting "Minimum System Requirements" is their fault. Not the fault of the company who produced the game. Get educated, and update your computer. It's not rocket science.

harrisonxxi3729d ago

Thats the reason you go to someplace like microcenter instead of Best Buy, much better customer support and the BYOPC guys arent idiots. And anyone who buys a computer off the shelf for gaming is an idiot. Heck any 10 year old who can read, follow directions, and use the internet can build a computer in under 3 hours.