IGN: Mercenaries 2: World in Flames Review

IGN closing comments: "Mercenaries 2 is like a newsstand; it has a lot of issues. Still, I can't deny that there were some hootin' and hollerin' moments. For every time I cursed the stupid AI, I cheered at the demolition of another building. For every bug that got me stuck in some bushes, there was an attack chopper waiting to be jacked. If Mercenaries 2 had more polish, it would have been a great game. As is, it's still worth playing – and enjoyable – but falls far short of its promise."

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Rikitatsu3734d ago

Who cares about Glitches when the game is fun ?

Montrealien3733d ago (Edited 3733d ago )

I completly agree, I thought the same thing about Too Human.

ThanatosDMC3733d ago

Sounds like this guy is complaining about stuff that was in the first game. So the game was designed as the first one was... i couldnt be happier!

AI is not a problem. If he played the first one he would know, that it's their number and you actually dont want them to be good shots or you wouldnt enjoy the game.

He also complained about the melee. The first one was the same. Geez, this guy really hasnt played the first one and criticized the second?

Oh well, i bought two copies all ready. I'm just waiting for noon so i can pick it up at gamestop.

jidery3733d ago

Comment one i compleetly agree

look at world of warcraft.....10 million players and many glitches.

Cryxen3733d ago

So because the first game sucked and had lots of glitches, the second one has a get out of jail free pass... are you retarded?

GiantEnemyCrab3733d ago

Touche 1.1!

I totally agree.

Yipee Bog3733d ago

and let me tell you, its the lowest quality game I have bought in a while. The reviewer of this article was being quite conservative. During my gameplay I noticed terrible texture pop-in, absolutely terrible AI, very jaggy graphics, framerate issues and very repetitive dialogue. On top of all that the aiming system is very unresponsive and inaccurate, and with no cover system you will often find yourself sprinting from the combat to regain health. Car physics are a joke as well, talk about shopping cart handling. But I will say the explosions were pretty. If you still really want to play this game do yourself a favor and run to the local blockbuster for a rent. Supposedly the ps3 was to be the better version, I find that impossible to believe from what I played. Utterly disappointed

ShinMaster3733d ago

Actually, there are many more things why Too Human is flop-ish, aside from the glitches though. And a lot of it lies in the core gameplay itself.

Montrealien3732d ago

That's you opinion, and I respect it. Don't agree with it one bit though.

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Baba19063734d ago

oh no you didnt! you didnt pay me what you own me, so now its over for you. *sings*

the score is ok. im giving it a try for sure.

InMyOpinion3734d ago (Edited 3734d ago )

Looks like most sites are saving their scores for the more hyped titles this fall.

Hmmm...How come nobody's calling this game a flop? I thought every score under 8/10 was a major floppage.

ICUP3734d ago

Because the game is a multi platform, door-knob.

InMyOpinion3734d ago

I knew that, just wanted to hear someone say it.

AIi_The_Brit3733d ago


come on now we both know how it works

a game can only flop at 8 if its been hyped to an insane amount

for instance, if a game isnt hyped at all like merceneries and it gets an 8, wahey, decent score

but if a game is hyped to be the second coming and a consoles KILLER AAA title and then gets nothing but an 8 its called a flop

not saying i agree with it but thats how it usualy goes down

unrealgamer583734d ago

hell for the freakin song i would at least give this a rent. if i like what i play then ill buy.oh yeah and EVERY ONE GO AND DOWNLOAD THE OH NO YOU DIDNT SONG IN MP3 FORMAT!!!!!!!!!!! BEST SONG EVER