Top 10 Worst Fighting Games

Top 10 fighting games you don't want to miss!

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Rick Astley3731d ago

Every DOA game should have been listed.

Shadow Man3730d ago

Because he hates Microsoft.

ChickeyCantor3730d ago

Its only selling point is big boobs.

Rock Bottom3730d ago

DOA isn't that bad, it comes right after Tekken, VF and SC as one of the best"3D" fighting games.

But once you add 2D to the list, it'll be a long way from the top.

Eddy Gordo3730d ago

DoA series have nothing except big boobs. If anyone can come up with a good point about DoA (except big boobs) I will change my mind.

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Voozi3730d ago (Edited 3730d ago )

Out of those games listed I have...

Just League Task Force
Primal Rage for Genesis
Shaq Fu

I actually liked the first two XD (I was a little kid who didn't know any better) as for Shaq Fu, I was watching this saying...this game better be on the list then bam #1, and fu­ck was this a shi­tty ass game...I did beat it though lol, and oh man I remember that cd that came with the game too...made my ears bleed

chasuk083730d ago

As soon as I saw the title I knew what was no.1

Bnet3433730d ago

I actually owned The Simpsons Wrestling on PS1. I actually thought it was a decent game ... Primal Rage for the arcade I played and didn't think it was bad either, but they were talking about the SNES version so I don't know. LOL Shaq Fu is #1. I never played it. :P

ChickeyCantor3730d ago

I played them all.
Shaqfu actually had smooth gfx but holy crap it sucked.

lsujester3730d ago

I own three of them. And since I'm reminded of my youthful ignorance, I shall go play Star Wars: Master of Teräs Käsi.

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specialguest3730d ago

Street Fighter EX 3 wasn't that bad. Where's Rise of the Robots, one of the biggest SNES flops of all time.

Baka-akaB3730d ago

a few pc fighting games are also missing . Some entries feels more like opinion than actual and factual listing of the worst there is

Bnet3433730d ago

The worst fighting game I ever played would have to be Kakuto Chojin. IGN actually gave it a 6.2 which is damn high if you ask me.

Baka-akaB3730d ago (Edited 3730d ago )

mmm street fighter EX even if its the 3 shouldnt be there ... its not a great or even good game for sure , but it beats many not included there

And if primal rage is there , some room is needed for mortal kombat .. at the very least a few of them

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