PAX: Submerge Yourself in Socom Confrontation Footage

GameXtract writes "Socom Confrontation is a definite PSN title I'm keeping a close watch on. Being an owner of all Socom titles, it only gets me more excited when I see new Socom footage. We finally have a first glimpse of the game from PAX, and like 95% of all videos yet to be shown from PAX the quality, and audio is not the greatest. Also you can get a short look at the customization screen in the first video, but unfortunately the player does not go into the details. I think it should a requirement next year that anyone bringing in a camera should have a stand."

First video can be seen below. Get the other two videos after the jump!

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plain rice3705d ago (Edited 3705d ago )

What is with the shaky cam? Is the game that intense you can't keep the camera still? Damn I can't wait for Socom.

clintos593705d ago

I just love it because u can almost go anywhere u see on the map. Game is going to be fun as hell like warhawk and mgo. Cant wait.

socomnick3705d ago

Quite the looker huh. lol

vickers5003704d ago

Considering its shot by a schizophrenic with a cellphone, then yeah.

PimpHandStrong3704d ago

for a gut with a name like socomnick you would think you would understand where Socom comes from!

I see this guy in every Socom thread!


i thought it looked fun and fast paced!

i know better thou

I didnt see anyone go prone and start shooting! Looks 2much like GRAW for my liking but im buying the game no matter what ppl say

tangerine3704d ago (Edited 3704d ago )

But I will try this. I always feel like yelling at the screen...
"Get the f()ck out the way!! (on third person shooters)
But I will give it a shot.

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