Social Networking for PS3 Users

First, let me start off by saying thank you to our amazing readers and supporters. Today, I am very, very happy to announce our new site. Its still in beta, but we are sure you are going to really like it. We are calling it FeedSocial. Like MySpace and Facebook, its a social networking site that is made for you (gamers). We will be using it for our upcoming contest and for our new clan (coming soon). It has everything you need to make new friends (or enemies), share PSN IDs, upload and share music, photos, create groups and invite your friends. We encourage you guys to check it out and sign up. Read more in the full article.

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cglz63759d ago

Dam, that site looks awesome.

HipHopGamerShowFan3759d ago

Doesn't it feel good to have support for SONY?

Dyingduck3759d ago

Agreed! Unlike Crapbox360...M$: Where's my 50 DOLLARS BIA*CH???

TheColbertinator3759d ago

So your the guy that started feedonPS3? ....okay

Stallone19933759d ago

Whats that supposed to mean lmao.

Voozi3759d ago

How exactly is this news? Please tell me somebody, all this is, is advertisement of your blog. It may be news for your site but this isn't news that belongs on here.

waznotwaz3759d ago

DISAGREE.I,like yourself wont be spending too much time at this web site.That doesn't mean that this fails as a news article.There are bound to be many gamers out there that will use this site.

Dino3759d ago

its a ps3 social networking site. That's news and it's video game related.

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The story is too old to be commented.