Full Song for "Oh No You Didn't"

Jon Christensen from slashgamer writes "If you're like me and saw EA's commercial for Mercenaries 2 than you also loved the song "Oh No You Didn't." The first time I heard the catchy tune it was stuck in my head for two whole days. Apparently, I wasn't the only one who had affection for the song because EA has now released a 'making' of the commercial with the FULL song included."

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Qbanboi3754d ago

I love that song. Every time i see the commercial i just turn the volume up.

RevN8r3753d ago

I know, I kinda wish they could do an extended commercial with more of the song, it's pretty frickin' sweet.

xdragonelite3754d ago

sucker tried to play me but you never paid me NEVER

Megaton3754d ago

Had this song stuck in my head yesterday.

Julie3754d ago

Same, that song gives me the lulz :)

unrealgamer583754d ago

i have to say ive been saying this on my headset in warhawk when people kill me. (lame i know) but now i can sing the whole song on the headset

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The story is too old to be commented.