IGN: PAX 2008: Iron Chef America Hands-On

Thanks to the surprise success of Cooking Mama on the Nintendo DS, the chef genre was born. Majesco followed Mama up with a DS sequel and a Wii edition that sold quite well to a casual-hungry audience, but other publishers have also put on their aprons for a shot in the kitchen. Destineer joins the culinary parade with Iron Chef America: Supreme Cuisine, based on the Food Network interpretation of the Japanese hit Iron Chef.

Starring many familiar faces from the television show, such as chefs Cat Cora and Mario Batali, Iron Chef America aims for an even more casual segment with a game that does not try to directly mimic the movements of a chef operating under a crazy time limit. Instead, the game's motion controls are designed to loosely capture the essence of chopping and flipping. At times, it almost feels a touch like "busy work" instead of real interactivity, but then again, there are likely many elements in preparing a master dish that are indeed less than thrilling to perform.

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