PAX 2008: Gamespot's Crash Commando Hands-On

Gamespot writes: "The PlayStation Network has a fantastic line-up of games already and Crash Commando is definitely one to keep an eye out for. At the Penny Arcade Expo 2008, we had a chance to take a closer look at the frantic side-scrolling platform title that combines classic gameplay with updated technology that is fun and hilarious to watch. Plus, you get to shoot other commandos and they explode in a bloody mess".

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Cajun Chicken3755d ago (Edited 3755d ago )

Let me get this right, XBLA just got a no-thrill Scorched Earth (Death Tank) and my beloved PS3 just got an totally awesome, gameplay tweaked, crazy as hell equivelent of a console version of Soldat!

Rattles3755d ago

damn! i just got bc rearmed "yes i love it" but this is making me regret buying it lol