Fable 2 Hours from Gold, Molyneux Awaits Reactions

Fable 2 is days, if not hours from going gold, Lionhead Studio's Sam Van Tilburgh told Kotaku today. "We have one or two bugs that are keeping us from going gold," Van Tilburgh said.

Van Tilburgh was excited to finally give gamers a chance to check out the game for themselves at the Penny Arcade Expo and so is designer Peter Molyneux. "I've been talking to him about the reaction," he said. "He asks what the reaction to the game has been. What do they think about the combat."

Van Tilburgh said that 97 percent of the reaction has been very positive over the first two days of the show.

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TheHater3731d ago

Dam you bloodmask, I was just about to submit this :)

Anyway, I can't wait to play this game. Fable is my favorite Western RPG, and Hoping Fable 2 improve over Fable

BIoodmask3731d ago

I will give you a bubble for taking the story. No hard feelings I hope...:)

Anyways I am excited for Fable 2. Western RPGS have come a long way IMO. And the online co-op also looks really nice.

TheHater3731d ago

dude, as soon as I saw fable 2 going gold in a few hours, I got so excited, and was hoping the release the game a lot sooner. But sadly, they aren't :(
But yeah, Western RPG have come a lot way.

As for the online co-op, I am sure it going to be a lot of fun with a buddy. But for me personally, I am not very excited for the online Co-op. I prefer to play RPG by myself because I enjoy it more. I can do any quests I want, and don't have to worried if my co-op buddy want to do that quest or not.

pharmd3731d ago

yeah i think the multiplayer is a HUGE plus, i totally did not expect that for this game.... but the game has the potential to be EPIC, i am hoping for huge things for it (kinda like going gold so soon =D)

I wont lie, being a PS3 owner, im jealous we dont have this one....

socomnick3731d ago

You dont have to suffer pharmhd. Wait for the pricecut and then purchase one, or perhaps trade in your ps3.

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LastDance3731d ago (Edited 3731d ago )

could some1 explain what it means for a game to go gold?......

i thought gold and platinum were sales figures?

edit: thanks guys..appreciated....I bubbled yas up

TheHater3731d ago

it ready for shipment. All the problems and bugs have been work out, and it ready for mass production

Boldy3731d ago

Gold means that the game code is finished and has been sent to the disc manufacturers to be made into full retail discs. Platinum deals with sale figures.

dericb113731d ago

Not to talk down about this game but it's to large to go and say the bug will all be worked out. This has a Oct. release and they are trying to finish it. I say keep it cooking. Look at Mass Effect and you will see what I am saying.

deeznuts3731d ago

TheHater, gold means ready for shipment/retail. It does not mean all bugs and kinks are worked out. That's for sure.

KBDuB3731d ago

Well, The Hater is correct in some sense. It does mean that all [known] bug are worked out. (Or, so the Devs say. hehe)

Bangladesh3730d ago

A couple bugs to fix isn't a big deal, devs sometimes fix upwards of 100 bugs in a day during the polishing of a build. Also, it doesn't release until Oct 21, that's almost 2 monthes from now.

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AIi_The_Brit3731d ago

this is the only game i have an eye on for my xbox this year..

nothing else coming out for it ;)

there all on the PS3!!

n4gzz3731d ago

I am there with you. This and Gears 2 for my 360.

Droid3731d ago

ali the twat, we've already been over this.

you have bad taste in games. I've seen your Live list. it's sh1t. you have a few games and they are sh1t. you don't have ONE 360 exclusive or even one which has scored over 90%, yet you hate 360 and its games? lol. ok. good one.

now that's just DUMB. if you're going to hate, at least have a reason other than poor taste in games. no wonder kiddy brown turd is your most anticipated game of all time. either you're a girl, a gay man, or a strait man who doesn't yet know he's gay.

pick one.

TheMART3731d ago

You missed Gears 2 there. And NG2 with a 8.2 out of 10 average is a good game to me.

MGS4 is not for everybody being 50% cut scenes, so actually the games worth on the PS3 this year are only Little Big Planet and Resistance 2 maybe. For me only LBP would be one to own a PS3 for. Which is not enough to justify 400 Euro. That would need at least God of War III amd GT5 (not the demo)

Bangladesh3730d ago

I've actually got 4 games that I am getting for 360 this year, Fable 2, Gears 2, Left 4 Dead, and Fallout 3. The only ps3 game I might check out is Resistance 2, but that will only be after the reviews come in. Ps3 exclusives have a bad habit of not living up to the hype. Ah, probably just rent it.

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TheColbertinator3731d ago

12 hours for the story

The rest of the stuff....who knows?

pshizle3731d ago

they have a bug chart to tell how many bugs they are in the game i think. i can be wrong...

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