Newest Trailer for Dissidia: Final Fantasy Released - Tidus vs Jecht

Here's the brand spankin' new trailer for the upcoming PSP fighter, Dissidia: Final Fantasy.

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Mr_Kuwabara3613d ago

This video makes me want to play FFX and kick Jechts and Yevon's @$$ yet again.

Whoa Its Wes3613d ago

That was sick.
Gotta buy a PSP :)

wii5623612d ago

i dont think u should get a psp man all the games they make now are practically fifa games

Guwapo773613d ago

I'm a FF fan but umm...that was some bullshhiiittt!!! It looks like some old second rate fighter masked with FF characters.

CAPS LOCK3613d ago

I think it looks good for a psp game and the effects were cool too...I also want to play ffx again that was one of my favourite games...

ZackFair3613d ago

I couldn't disagree more, this looks like a majorly kickass title, I'm getting this on day one.

Cheeseknight283612d ago

Nice. Jecht was one of my favorite characters of X, I was hoping that they weren't putting Yunalesca or Yu Yevon in instead.