'Tekken 6 : Bloodline Rebellion' Revealed

An upgraded version of the newest game in the Tekken series (which didn't yet hit the consoles) was announced, and will officially be exposed in the upcoming Amusement Show in Tokyo, Japan from Septmer 18th to 20th! It's called Tekken 6 : Bloodline Rebellion.

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HipHopGamerShowFan3706d ago

I know HipHopGamer loves Tekken!

Acj23233706d ago (Edited 3706d ago )

lol, he sure does.....

HipHopGamerShowFan3706d ago


HipHopGaner is a person. He participates in a warzone podcast.
He also has a show every Sunday.

Time Lord3706d ago

God damn will you release some info about the game!

Acj23233706d ago

Yeah, they do that don't they. well we will have to wait and see how this game turns out to be, it will be a hit pretty much anyway.

MK_Red3706d ago (Edited 3705d ago )

You're not much into fighting, are you? Tekken the best fighting game ever!?
Even excluding the best fighters of all time (Arcade gods known as Street Fighter 2 and Mortal Kombat 2), the Tekken isn't the best among 3D fighters. Original Soul Calibur is still the best of the modern / 3D fighters and then, there is the upcoming Street Fighter 4.

theKiller3706d ago

but if tekken 6 doesnt bring some sort of new features and innovation the game will FLOP!! at best will be average fighting game, i mean come on use that power of PS3!!! last time i checked the videos of this it sucked in graphics and gameplay was the same!!

i am a ps3, but i want ps3 exclusives from 3rd party to be aas good as first party!!

TheTwelve3706d ago

Excuse you MK? It's all a matter of opinion but I too believe that Tekken is the best fighting series ever. And I'm of the old school and am a big fighting game fan.


MK_Red3705d ago

TheTwelve, true on the opinions. For me, Tekken is one of the worst fighting series. Among the 3D / modern ones, only Soul Calibur and Virtua Fighter are good ones to me as well as MK since I'm a fanboy :D

Muff1nB4k3r3705d ago

I won't get into an argument on what games are the best fighting series, as I'd say I'm relatively new to the scene of gaming, but of the fighting games I've played, I've found Tekken to be pretty easy to get into. (Probably because of my countless hours playing Tekken: Dark Resurrection on my psp.)

@ thekiller

the only problem I find with your argument on the 'new' gameplay, is that a fighting game, or any game in a particular genre, has to keep some of the core mechanics in the game, otherwise it sort of messes up the way older fans of the series experience the game, even if it is for the better, but I've found the controls in Tekken to be a fine piece of work. But perhaps I misinterpreted what you posted?

dro3705d ago (Edited 3705d ago )

street fighter is the best fighting game ever made (-_-)

ReBurn3705d ago

Tekken was the best 3-D fighting series. But it never got better after Tekken 3, in my opinion. I think that Soul Calibur, Namco's other baby, is a better fighter. I hope that Tekken 6 comes back and kicks the series up a notch.

ShinMaster3705d ago


Street Fighter = Best 2D fighter.

Tekken = Best 3D fighter.

@ ReBurn:

Soul Calibur is too button-smashy and somewhat cheap.
In Tekken, it's nearly impossible to pull of combos without knowing what the right button combinations are.
And the story in Tekken, if followed, is more interesting as well.

theKiller3705d ago

wat i meant is tekken 6 should bring something new, look at how soul caliber 4 did, it brought the customizing characters making the player make his own characters, so i want for tekken 6 to have something new from tekken 5! besides the graphics were really bad for ps3 exclusive game!! i want them to improve in graphics and feature but not fighting mechanism!! the fighting mechanism in tekken games r the best but look how SC4 improved from SC3!! i want improvement like SC4 did!!

tekken and mortal combat r my favourite fighting series!

SolidSnake933705d ago

It's kind of strange as Namco has the 2 best fighting series Tekken + Soul Calibur. But, Tekken is the favored child.

TradingWarStories3705d ago

Tekken 3 was the best! i loved that little dinosaur that farted! lol, and the beach volleyball game thingy, after tekken 3 things just kinda went kinda crap i spent endless hours on tekken 4 with my brother though, i only ever got one combo right the Jin one which i messed up a few times.

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Fruit Loops3706d ago

Looks like we have to wait a little longer....

dro3705d ago

true say but il rather have street fighter.

Mr_Kuwabara3706d ago

Yeah, supposedly, thanks to this expansion, we won't get to see this game for an even longer time on consoles.

PStriple7033706d ago

Don't they mean console...

ReBurn3705d ago

I have to wonder if Namco's going to keep this one exclusive. Since it runs on the PS3 hardware in arcades chances are that it will, but stranger things have happened.

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