John McCain's VP Pick Is… Lara Croft? writes:

Think of electioneering as a real-time strategy game. You make your moves at the same time as your opponent, and in the end whoever has the most points (votes) wins. While politicos may scratch their heads at the pick of relatively inexperienced Alaska Governor Sarah Palin as McCain's running mate, gamers will know that there is no better ally on your side than a bear-hunting, gun-toting babe in a fur-lined parka.

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Jandre023731d ago

I still don't know who the hell this chick is. Lol. Some random never heard of Governor from Alaska (Alaska entire population is smaller than the population of my county BTW) could potentially our president in the next 4-8 years if McCain were to die(the man would be the oldest president in US history).

That's scary. Especially in times like these. I hope women don't bite on this. The last thing we need in the US right now is an old geezer running the country with some inexperienced Eskimo as the back up plan.

strotee3731d ago (Edited 3731d ago )

Better than...

Osama Bin Laden (oops, that's not right)
Obama/Bin Laden (closer)
Obama/Laden (almost there)
Obama/Biden (phew, finally)

Scary huh?


Brian: Clever Peter. Did you stay up all night writing that?
Peter: Nah, I got to bed around two, two thirty.

Loosen up, 8 years of Bush jokes and 1 joke of Obama and you are reaching for the Fairness Doctrine.

eagle213731d ago (Edited 3731d ago )

*double face palm*

Did you make that one up all by yourself? fail.

Adriana Lima3731d ago

that was a PHAIL

you should go look at mcinsane's comments on tv.

thekingofMA3731d ago

i thought that was pretty good actually. the family guy reference just makes it better.

@adriana lima

its pretty sad how you couldn't think of a comeback, so you criticize his light-hearted joke for being too much of a stretch

also: obama is very close to osama, and biden and laden sound close enough for the joke to work. go defend obama somewhere else.

Jandre023731d ago

OMG Obama/Biden sounds like Osama Laden!? ZOMG we can't vote for him now.

Ignorant plagues America pretty badly, and what's sad is that some people actually might not vote for Obama for this reason.

I hope to God this time around we have more intelligent people than ignorant hicks. But then again, maybe it was the republican's plan all along to decrease intelligence in America, since that would improve their chance of winning again.

Pain3731d ago (Edited 3731d ago )

If not Your all Screwed and I'll Make it my life's work to make Your country Be worth less then Afrika.

And Coming from a Canadian.... Saying Obama bin laden is 1 way to make your self sound like a idiot.

please stop stupid yanky kid.

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BubblesDAVERAGE3731d ago

So he picks some one with even less experience......then the guy he said had not enough experience if this was an rpg he would be a level 45 picking up a level 5

strotee3731d ago (Edited 3731d ago )

You realize she was a mayor at one point and currently Alaska's governor? You make her out to be a waitress at the local Hooters.

Edit: In the chance that McCain keels over during his term as President, it's nice to know a former governor would take his place who has prior leadership experience. Would it make you feel better if she was governor of North Dakota? Texas? Rhode Island?

Leadership experience is leadership experience.

"abusing her power to fire her brother in law"
Investigation is still under way. Shall we take a glance inside Obama's closet?

Regarding Hillary, this isn't the first time she was replaced by another woman. lol

Meus Renaissance3731d ago (Edited 3731d ago )

Explain to me how you feel, being a mayor of a town of 6,500 where the biggest issue is controlling growth and the biggest civic worry is whether there will be enough snow for the Iditarod dog-mushing race, and two years as a governor of a state, with more reindeer than people, constitutes as any real worth to be a heart beat away from being the President?

I'm not saying Obama has a resumé worthwhile either, but he was chosen and nominated by his supporters regardless because they feel he is able to lead, whereas Palins selection was evidently an attempt to seduce the woman voters who felt bitter at Hilary Clintons failed attempt to be the nominee.

Sarah Palin is a strong conservative, but if Hilary Clinton was the VP nominee that Obama chose, she would still be racing her snow machines back at Alaska whilst dealing with the scandal that is on her head for allegedly abusing her power to fire her brother in law.

EDIT: The man has more knowledge of foreign policy and has a different economic plan, one that isn't the same as the Bush policy in which McCain wants to continue (and we know how the dollar is), then she will ever have. I'd be more confident with him, than with someone who just recently said she didn't even know what being Vice President means. She's a small fish in a big pond, and it will show - Dan Quayle style.

donator3731d ago (Edited 3731d ago )

This is her first term as a governor. She has no foreign policy experience whatsoever. Some Fox news anchor put it best, although I am not sure if he was trying to be sarcastic or if he was serious. He said something like: "of course she has a lot of foreign policy experience. She's the governor of Alaska, and it's close to Russia."

McCain is "experienced," but he's gotten everything wrong so far. He thinks America is doing great. According to him, you're only rich if you make $5 million or more.

Only 2% of Americans make over $250,000
1% of Americans owns 90% of the wealth.

We owe McCain our gratitude for his service, but we do not owe him our vote.

qwertyuiopasdfghjkl3731d ago (Edited 3731d ago )

Agree with everything you haven't said yet.

SkyGamer3731d ago

First off, she may have had not much political experience but then hey! Neither has obama. Joe Biden has WAY MORE political experience than obama and McCain has WAY MORE than Palin.

Reason why everyone loves Slick Willy, (Bill Clinton) is that the US was in an Economic Boon. Of course everyone would like him. If people think that the US should ALWAYS have this SUPER economy is really delusional. Economy just like everything else goes up and down like a roller coaster. People need to stop whining and realize that things can't always be great.

I don't like obama because he is MR. Flip-Flop and I don't think that's what the US needs right now. They are hurting and they need someone with EXPERIENCE to take it through the rough times. Also I am not that easily dazzled by a fancy speaker. To me they are just blowing steam out of their wazoo's. Look where "influential speakers" got us in the past. Adolf Hitler? Joseph Stalin?

You watch it. If obama loses, he will blame it on the citizens of the US "being RACIST." True that may be a part of it but with his "WHACKED" and changing views, HE KILLED HIS OWN PRESIDENTIAL CAREER.

solidt123731d ago

When I found out this news I thought it was a joke. I don't think people are going to take her seriously. Yeah she has experience as a Mayor and a governor but it was in Alaska. How much experience can you really have in a boring state like Alaska. Not much going on in that state i can tell you.

Jack Bauer3731d ago

id much rather the one with no experience be the vice president than the president... i seriously dont know how obama supporters can even complain about this lmfao

FadeToBlack3731d ago

I agree with you 100%. I'm still waiting for Obama to outline just how he plans to pay for all his new "lottery for the poor" programs. Oh thats right tax the "rich". just because someone happened to be rich and successfull doesen't give the government the right to steal their money. After all isnt this the concept of the American dream? I hope Americans stops the far left movement before it gets any further.

Gish3731d ago

I swear, I hate coming on a gaming news site to hear dumbasses who think they are so smart by spewing the same retoricle BS that the politicians do and don't think for themselves. Such as the "McCain thinks you have to have 5 million dollars to be considered rich". Either you have no sense of humor or you didn't actually research to see that it was a tongue in cheek joke which even right after saying that, he said "I am joking, but I am sure they will twist it around". Which case in point it happened.

Same thing on Obama's side about the Muslim things. BS. But it still gets said. I for one wish you had to take a test before you were allowed to vote so that some dumbass wouldn't cancel out my vote without even educating themselves on the facts.

Ju3731d ago (Edited 3731d ago )

I don't know. This country has some issues. Someone needs to address them. If $100k doesn't buy you into the middle class, then there is something fundamentally wrong. And knowing from my experience, more people in my company make less then that, far less then that. I do not see how McCain and a populistic VP decision, which spends $10B a month on the "war on terror" can solve these problems. I don't know how Obama will do it either. But someone needs to try something new, don't you think ?

AscendedConservative3731d ago

i warn you, this will be long

at 1.1 -stated good points. i like to add that to my knowledge this is the first time in history a major political party anointed..err elected a presidential nominee with ties to two known TERRORISTS. if your thinking Muslim extremists, then if i were you, i'd question your own inner self for being a "racist." no, i'm not spitting the ridiculous Muslim lies about Sen. Obama (that was either started by Sen. Clinton or for sure was kept alive by her suppporters), i'm talking about Bill Ayers and Bernadine Dorn. two unrepentant far-left radical terrorists from the weather underground group. they are only not in prison because some dumb clerical error on the part of the prosecution. they admitted to trying to bomb the pentagon and other govt. buildings and wish they did more...

at 1.3 - McCain was joking dude... thank goodness 1.9 set you straight. way to soak up the liberal spin on this...

at 1.5 - dude, Gov. Sarah Palin has more experience that the community activist that is Sen. Barack Obama. and she is the ONLY person on the ticket with EXECUTIVE experience. only one time in the past 30 years or so did the American people elect a legislator as their president. that was J.F.K. i find it hilarious how the left attempts to minimize her experience saying Alaska is just small state and doesn't matter...

at 3.7 - your comment shows how little you know of such things. Pres. Bush tax cuts were across the board. because of him, i got a nice tax rebate for my daughter. here's a question for you: why does the liberal media/politicians talk about the shrinking middle class but they NEVER tell you where those people leaving the middle class are going. i'll give you the answer now: they are moving to the upper class. [email protected] no [email protected]!! lol... let me also ask you this: have you ever gotten a job from a poor person? i don't think so..

and this is general question i pose to all you liberals and liberal Democrats. why is it that you trust the the democrat pary, a party that MUST have a percentage of the population suffering and in misery? they require class envy and class warfare to stay elected; thus, they do everything they can to prevent the lower class from truly escaping their condition and moving up in the world. proof of this is simple. just look at the social welfare programs initiated by the liberals. it's called the circle of dependence and entraps people, especially minorities. it's unfortunate the liberals stay in power by lying and manipulated minorities while at the same time state they are helping them. don't make me laugh...

WAKE UP PEOPLE!!! there is so much out there that is scary. it's not all on the left either, the far right can be JUST as stupid and manipulative as the left. educate yourselves before it's too late. individual freedoms and choices are under assault in America. we must stand up and stop the insanity. individual liberty is the one of the key principals that defines who we are as Americans.

anyways, i told you this was long.

-ascended conservative
PSN: Homey_D_Klown

xhi43731d ago (Edited 3731d ago )


wow this absolutely saddens me to the core when reading this. All the american posts I've read are really just unbelievably depressing.

How can after EVERYTHING that has happened with oil, Iraq, Bush, your economy still sit back and go hey I'll vote for Macain a conservative Bush with the gun totting PTA to Governer unbalanced a heartbeat away?

I swear the world the entire world is shouting GET YOUR HEAD STRAIGHT AMERICA! Nobody I know likes America, my friends in Europe think the American government is sh1t, I mean nobody outside of America really likes America anymore. Wow it just amazes me that you guys can still be blinded so much.

Okay, Obama doesn't have experience? He's done harvard law, taught there and was president of the body. So of course he does not have as much experience as Mccain, but seriously guys the guy turned 72 on friday that's a joke, his ideas and vision is old and tired.

The guy is a soldier, he's 72, the guy should be an army general okay not a bloody president! He'll treat your country's affairs like he would in the army, stiff and unrelenting.

Obama is a natural born leader, he's been over to Europe and is loved by the world. He's proposing tax cuts for who? The middle class.

Geez if you guys pull another 'lets vote for Bush instead of Gore' with Maccain and Obama, you deserve your leader.

Do you really want another two terms of an old, tired, old fashioned, ultra conservative, friend to the rich leader like Bush, a man who served in the war and believes that war is an adequate answer, do you want a man with not much intelligence but was a 'soldier', or a man who is a master of law, speech, vision and hope?

I swear, just reading these blind comments going ohhh judge palin's character (shes a friken gun wielding angry woman under investigation) she went from PTA to Governer so quickly having no qualifications but only being a mother with three kids. Great....lets lead America with a 72 year old man who's had cancer and was a SOLDIER (yay!) and a mother who loves guns, hunting and both who are ultra conservative and will be rejected by the world community.

Or Obama and Biden.

I pray that you will have some sense, otherwise your country deserves what it gets.

Gish3730d ago (Edited 3730d ago )


Sorry but we are electing a president to do the best for our country. Are you suggesting that we elect a president because the rest of the world likes him? Your example of McCain (notice the correct spelling) being a soldier, so he would run the country like a military is ignorant at best. If anyone knows how horrible war is, it is McCain. Also, the "McCain is 4 more years of bush policies" is a tactic that left wing uses against him which is asinine. I have always liked McCain because he goes against the Republicans when he disagrees with them. Change IS needed, it's up to us to pick if we want to fix a republican party and get back to Ronald Reagan ideals, or go down a path of uncertainty with Obama. I respect both men, but I am not going to vote for one because someone in England, Germany, Russia or Australia likes him. I will vote for who will do the best for our country. After all, the purpose of our government is to protect our people and look after the nations best interests. We arent trying to elect the Czar of the new world order for everyone to adore.

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FantasyStar3731d ago (Edited 3731d ago )

This article has nothing to do with Palin nor her credentials as McCain's running mate. It's a baseless claim with complete disregard towards her character as a whole coming from a gaming site, critiquing political figures? I'm not supporting the republican ticket from this post, but I do want to point out how useless this article is because it has absolutely nothing to do with gaming news other than connecting dots that shouldn't be connected.

If Sarah Palin had been the actor for Lara Croft in the movies; this would be a different story.

EDIT: The original source has more background than what Ripten produces. Ripten is basically making a one-liner comment based on the source by The Atlantic. Why is this article approved? It's not even a professional opinion by a worthy journalist. It's just some guy talking out his ass and we consider this news?

thekingofMA3731d ago

the whole thing was a joke

plus it had this:

"Personally, I would have gone with Sonic the Hedgehog. He could probably help fund the campaign with his treasure trove of gold rings."

i chuckled

Silogon3731d ago

5 kids, 44 years of age and she still looks amazing. 99% of the American female population could only hope to look as god as she does when they have the same accomplishments under their belt.

I think it was a great choice for Mccain, if you ask me. Sure she's an unknown, but she managed to shake things up a great deal in just one speech. This is what the republican party needed to get out from under the old image of what a republican is.

On this note, Mccain succeeded. Will he win? Dunno, but the race has gotten a lot closer now.

Jandre023731d ago

Since the Democratic convention McCain is down 8 points. No one is going to bite on this "HEY LOOK OVER HERE! I GOT THIS CHICK WITH ME NOW" crap. Women aren't stupid.

And have you seen how uncomfortable McCain looks around that woman? At least you know if he was elected he would definitely take care of himself health-wise.

An old conservative man like that would rather blow the entire country up before he'd let a woman become leader.

deathray3731d ago

women ARE stupid for the most part.

eagles19903731d ago

Mccain= Lame
Palin= apathy