The Cosplay of PAX 2008

Kotaku writes: "The cosplayers of Penny Arcade Expo are a diverse group, some coming as Penny Arcade characters, others as game characters, but they all share a resolve to mug for anyone's camera given the opportunity.

Hit the jump for a tasty selection of the cosplayers I captured on digital film. Gotta get them all."

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VF34EJ253307d ago


That one caught my eye too. And the Velvet Assassin one isn't too bad. But the rest is meh.

JOLLY13306d ago

That chick was smoking hot! There were a lot of people taking pics of her.

zo6_lover273307d ago

I expected better than that.

Bombibomb3307d ago

Why? They're not Asian.

VF34EJ253307d ago

lol seriously

Prime example of who not to make a Lara Croft girl

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