Guitar Hero: The Movie: Do we really need another movie based video game?

XboxOZ360 comments on the Guitar Hero Movie and wonders if it is a bad idea:

"With movies like Max Payne set for release this year and Street Fighter: Legend of Chun Li & Tekken next year along with talks of making a Gears of War movie and a Bioshock movie, it seems that Guitar Hero is the next game that's been thrown into the hat to be adapted to the big silver screen.

Of course it may not be all bad if it was actually done right, but then again there have been so many hashed movies about a young boy's dream coming true, making the big time and being the underdog. Do we all really need to see another movie with the same concept but a different area, gaming?"

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gaminoz3729d ago (Edited 3729d ago )

Do we put the three Resident Evil movies into the good or bad section of the list? Or the two Tomb Raider movies?

I actually thought Resi 1 and 3 were okay and Tomb Raider (1 in particular) were also okay.

Nothing stellar yet though. I have hopes for a good Max Payne.

A movie about a guitar hero strikes me as boring....

Oh and the Bloodrayne movie was pretty dismal....

Caxtus7503728d ago

Yeah I agree.

It isnt so much the fact it is based on a game. Afterall, there are countless bad movies based on books. It just depends on the director etc. Tomb Raider was good...what are people expecting? Alfred Hitchcock??

Acj23233729d ago

the game industry is so large now theirs going to be movies and other stuff cumming out just for game. I don't mind this but if they are going to bring out a movie for a game they need to to a good job at it and not wast our time (Uwe Boll)

Cajun Chicken3729d ago

Why the heck do you want to make a game based on pressing coloured plastic buttons to a tune, didn't South Park point out the lameness of the concept enough, Isn't that kid who left school to make a living of playing the game enough to show just how stupidly far fetched this idea is?
Seriously; NO.
Do we want another 'The Wizard'?

Unless its done in a Gorrilaz stylish animated fashion like the games art design is like...Just NO.

Acj23233729d ago

Your open for possible further ways a game can be enjoyed. If the movie is a good representation of the game and is a decent film I say why not?

Cajun Chicken3729d ago

I think it has to be a animation, maybe the kid gets sucked into the game like that film 'The Pagemaster', but a game instead of a book.
Nothing like a kid going on tour, or 'This is Spinal Tap'.

I'm afraid I don't really like the GH and RB gameplay, so I'm probably quite biased...but the visual style of the games are good.

I would really only watch a animation.

Immortal Kaim3729d ago

That is actually quite a good idea, in relation to the animation concept.

Immortal Kaim3729d ago

No thanks, can you imagine the actors in that. Rossie O'donald trying to imitate the 'Wii Fit Girl'.......ewwwwwww.

Acj23233729d ago

BAHAH lol that would be good to see lol, I shouldn't really speak to soon tho........

XboxOZ3603729d ago

There are some things that should remain games . . and this would be one of them.

I didn't mind all the Resident Evil movies. Don't see what all the fuss is about them actually. Besides, I think M is hot . . and the Tombraider movies are great.

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