The Friday Ten: The ten best PlayStation Vita games

The PlayStation Vita still has some games in it, let's get that out of the way from outset. The release schedule isn't massive, but there's a steady trickle of releases that should keep us going through the console's twilight.

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Deadpooled840d ago

No tearaway or killzone mercenary?

Kallisti840d ago

Did the Vita ever get a game that looked better than Killzone? That game looked so good for a handheld game.

Darkwatchman840d ago

Nope. Still most technically impressive vita title ever.

Deadpooled840d ago

Probably the best fps on a handheld ever, actual effort from the developers Guerilla Cambridge compared to the shoddy devs who did those resistance and cod games.

Blastoise840d ago

Needs more Soul Sacrifice Delta

Deadpooled840d ago

I remember the limited edition psvita soul sacrifice versions (red one) which looked stunningly beautiful.

Kal-V3838d ago

I am a proud owner of one and it is awesome.

ONESHOTV2840d ago

for my list it's

Persona 4 Golden
NFS Most Wanted 12
Soul Sacrifice
Dynasty Warriors Next
Muramasa Rebirth
Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc
Metal Gear Solid 2
Gravity Rush
Ninja Gaiden Σ Plus

StanleyRoper840d ago

A totally decent list. I could add A LOT to it. How about the 2 EDF games? EDF 2017 Portable and EDF 2 Invaders From Planet Space?

Skankinruby840d ago

Killzone mercenary, uncharted golden abyss, gravity rush, and resistance burning skies were my favs. So sad the vita wasn't more successful it had so much potential

Darkwatchman840d ago

The only one you listed that I consider "best of the system" material is Killzone. Gravity Rush and Uncharted were Eh, but Resistance Burning Skies was decent. I did not like the single player. That portion of the game felt very underdeveloped, but the multiplayer for a time until Killzone came out was probably the best handheld shooter online expeience you could ever have. Tons of dumb fun

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