Sky Gods and Seed Project revealed?

Gamer.Blorge writes: "The first title is Sky Gods currently being developed by Blackfoot Studios which will utilize the Unreal Engine 3.

This just might be the first downloadable game that utilizes the beast that is the Unreal Engine 3. Using this engine practically ensures the game will be gigabytes, and this seems like why Blackfoot Studios felt the PSN was the perfect distribution platform to have Sky Gods on considering Sony doesn't impose any size limitation on games.

Our next title we will be talking about is from Seed Studio. Seed Studio have a history of working on the DS platform and now is making a huge jump to the PS3. Just last week Seed Studio revealed a new title that is being worked on that will be on the PS3.

It hasn't been revealed if it will be a PSN or retail game but it does look interesting what they have shown so far. Currently it seems Seed Studio is working on two projects but have not clarified which one will be on the PS3 or if both will be on that platform, so lets just look at both of them.

The first title that has been revealed is Blue Shift, a futuristic post apocalyptic style game. You know how much I love post apocalyptic games, its an instant win for me."

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Darkiewonder3706d ago (Edited 3706d ago )

wrong studio. this seed studios is chinese developer while the other one is portugese [the one with the ps3 project] <--- this is the one you want.

TheColbertinator3706d ago

An unreal engine PSN game? Sounds risky since those Unreal games budget gets really high

faisdotal3705d ago

Undertow and Fatal Inertia EX says hello.

TheColbertinator3705d ago

I did'nt know that.Thanks for the info

rCrysis3706d ago

interesting on how some devs that use UE3 develop their games for the PS3 only.

poopsack3705d ago

augh should have put a bad pun tag. lol jk

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