Nintendo Wii: The Hard Truth

Has Nintendo changed gaming for the worse? Would you agree with this notion?

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dro3677d ago

im never bying the wii(-_-)

LastDance3677d ago

the articles notion is a common thought amoung people.

Smacktard3677d ago

I think that this generation pretty much ruined itself. There was nothing good about this gen. I think Xbox would've stolen the show if everything it had wasn't already available on PC, and Live didn't cost money, but I digress...

ChickeyCantor3677d ago

No no,
I must agree a bit.
This whole gen is pretty much disappointing from all corners.
I have not lost so much interest ever in gaming as i have this gen and i don't know why.

Alvadr3676d ago

I greatly disagree. We are still relativly early on in this console cycle and we are already seeing some of the greatest games ever. The next few years and beyond are going to be awesome.

Product3677d ago (Edited 3677d ago )

The guy who wrote this is hilarious.
I would point out funny parts of his rant but his high school journalism is enough of a laugh for me.

Snake Raiser3677d ago

I think nintendo is mostly to blame with a lack of hard core games.
I mean people call Mario and Zelda hard core... maybe, but not as hardcore as I like it. Nintendo is blowing the competitors out of the water with no hard core games. Sony and Microsoft will have to do the same thing. Low quality console, low quality games, no hard core games.
Our only chance is if that law suit against Nintendo's wii mote is good.
Sony may have a chance, with all of their great games coming out, but even the ex-champ is a long shot in this one.

To me buying the cheapest console is like buying the cheapest cell phone or car. If you do any research it is obvious why it is the cheapest.

snoopgg3677d ago

Nintendos cheap console doing well will hold back higher end consoles and the future of gaming. I hope Sony or Microsoft doesn't get soft like Nintendo just to sell more consoles. It would be terrible if there were 3 consoles on the market that had lackluster graphic capabilities, terrible online, no quality software, no new ips just rehashed old ones going on from the late 80's. This describes the wii, and why people are still buying it is a mystery to me. I will never buy one, mark my word.

theKiller3677d ago

those who buy wii r those who never play games, or once in every 6 months!! either way wii is doing good thing for industry, my brother hate games, and when he saw from a friend of him playing wii he got so excited but still he will no buy it, but my point wii attarct those who hate the gaming we want which is MGS4,R2,uncharted,halo,gears of war ect!! so its not a waist that they buy a wii instead of ps3 or 36o and then buy just 1 or 2 games and never play them again!! at least wii tries to bring more people into gaming! idea that playing wii u need to move ur hand and body get the non gamers so excited!!

beside, ps3 still didnt unleash its full force! let Resistance 2,motorstorm 2, littlebigplanet, eyepet, HOME, killzone 2, God Of War 3, ICO next game etc let them all come out and with good ps3 price point and u will see things much more different than now!! at that time wii sales will die slowly!! of those who bought the wii like gaming, then there is possibility that they will come to ps3 on the right time, specially that ps3 is the best blue ray player and can brows ineternet!!

ChickeyCantor3676d ago (Edited 3676d ago )

" mean people call Mario and Zelda hard core... maybe, but not as hardcore as I like it. "

Thats the problem, you people have twisted and stretched the definition of "hardcore".
Now its just everyones imaginary definition and for that lots of gamers say they abandoned the "core" gamers.

Think about it back in the days there was no "hardcore" vs "casual".
It was ALL Casual. And hardcore simply meant that you liked to game more than the average person... you could call them Geeks/Nerds.
Hardcore today is full of BS.

You really that ignorant?
Now that Nintendo has proven that motion gaming is solid, Sony could alter these ideas with a powerful console, so can MS and Nintendo themselves.
"going" soft is not going to happen.

Pain3676d ago

M$ made it all about the $$$$$.

Sony well they Japanese.... enough said XD

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