MotionPlus confirmed for The Conduit

Today, Gamespot has quietly unveiled that The Conduit will utilize WiiMotionPlus add-on. Heres the quote:

"Using the Wii Remote and specific weapons, you can shoot around corners by twisting the remote to get people that are hiding out of sight and some weapons can be guided using the cursor like a missile. High Voltage does plan to support Wii Motion Plus add-on so we will have to see later how that will work."

Sorry for using the incorrect link, but the same article was released without announcing WiiMotionPlus. Simply go to the first article.

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Snipes203729d ago

They announced the gun where you twist your wrist before E3, and to my knowledge, they didn't know about M+ before E3.

ChickeyCantor3728d ago (Edited 3728d ago )

Redsteel 1 did the same.
Thats what the IR camera can do. It detects the two lights in the sensorbar. by rotating your wii-mote the camera can see the lights in the sensorbar "turning".
As feedback to the game, your character will twist the "gun" in the same angle you are holding the Wii-mote.

You don't need Motion plus for this.

Lithium powered3728d ago

but in order for that to work you have to be pointing towards the television, which is why it felt wonky somtimes in metroid prime 3 (because you had to make sure the wiimote wasnt pointing off screen slightly)

ChickeyCantor3728d ago

Metroid prime did not allow to wtist your gun in different angles.
It might have been with the switches and stuff like that so it was not like if you were doing it constantly.

I know you need to point at the screen when you do this, but when you have a game like the conduit you are aiming at screen like the whole time( you are aiming your gun its a FPS XD).

And you don't need Motion plus for this, Snipes1616 saw it in some videos of the conduit, and Motion plus got nothing to do with it.
Redsteel did the same thing.

I don't see how Motion plus fits in...FPS don't really need motion plus unless you want to melee 1:1.

Lithium powered3728d ago

yes and I agree fps' dont need motion; that wasnt what my intitial comment was about.

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qface643728d ago

i was hoping they would use motion plus the conduit just got better

N4g_null3728d ago

Another thing is they could set up the functionality for simple thing right now or maybe they can just make it full compatible. Right now you have options about what to do if the pointer goes off the screen. You can make it keep spinning or make the turning stop. Yet with motion plus you can control the speed of that spin and if you are lucky enough to have a 360 projector set up or goggles you can turn your whole body around to turn which would be pretty much VR gaming. I mean nintendo always talked about getting free of the box display and what better way than to offer full 360 viewing.

This would actually be easy to set up too because the conduit isn't using lots of motion scripts for the moves. They could set up the code for it and the setting and just have the setting revealed as a time lock based on your Wii's time or the internet time from High voltage's own site just incase kids start changing their own clocks on the Wii.

These guys are on the ball! Very impressive. If you have a good 3d portfolio you better get cracking these guys would make you a very nice home.

Product3728d ago

things just keep getting better.

jay23728d ago

This WILL out sell every game before it.

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