GameStop's Future as a Publisher Lies in DeFormers

Everyone's favorite gaming retailer to hate, GameStop, has announced it's publishing DeFormers. Ready At Dawn's next game after, The Order 1886. With GameStop, dipping it's toes in the publishing business. As the industry goes more and more with digital, will this be the future of GameStop.

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Poli_Games900d ago

What do you all think about Gamestop? Is the company time, numbered? Do you think that game publishing might be their best way to survive?

Summons75900d ago

Considering they don't respect gamers and they don't understand the gaming industry then no, this is just a desperate attempt to stay relevant.

TheCommentator899d ago (Edited 899d ago )

Yep, that's why I quit managing one a few years back. They went from treating their employees with respect to micromanaging every aspect of our daily routines, with constant threats of job secutiry for failure to comply. They effectively turned their employees into a disposable tool more annoying than a pop up ad on a website.

opinionated899d ago

I hope their future as a publisher isn't riding on a small arena game...

Jaedia899d ago

Yeah this one's.. interesting. It could be fun, but for some reason leaves a bad taste in my mouth. I'll give it a chance though, before judging.