Halo Wars Playable, But Not Here

Kotaku writes: "The only sign of real-time strategy title Halo Wars at PAX comes during Graeme Devine's presentation of the game during the show.

But that doesn't mean the game's not moving along.nicely. In fact Devine, lead designer, said that it will be playable at next weekend's GameStop convention in Las Vegas. Perhaps it will even make an appearance at Tokyo Game Show."

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shutupandplay3697d ago

the bad news is there are a lot of people wanting to play this and having to wait. the good news is it will not be on the ps3.

TheColbertinator3697d ago

You guys are always too angry

doshey3697d ago

oh man i dont get to play a game like this on my ps3 guess i will have to settle with 256 players online in mag and have more fun with that then halo wars man i hate the ps3

Dyingduck3697d ago

Power Rangers were my favorite heroes back when I was in 2nd grade...

I want to play [email protected]!#$!

TheColbertinator3697d ago

I'm actually more excited for this game than Halo 4.Really interested in seeing a different approach to Halo.

ZombieNinjaPanda3697d ago

I'm not all too excited.

I mean it may turn out to be a great game, and RTS Games are always fun, but from what I've seen, there just doesn't seem to be enough vehicle classes and soldier classes to start a RTS game of halo.

And thats after playing all 3 halos.

I could be wrong though.

Don't let my opinion bother you.

TheColbertinator3697d ago

No its fair.I don't expect Halo Wars to be the most innovative RTS around but I expect another AAA title from Ensemble Studios

rossifranklin3697d ago

I'm not convinced the controls won't be frustrating. I want to see some actual gameplay, a match where the player is going full speed, not just a demonstration, before I get excited about this.