LittleBigChallenge 002 – DIY LBP Packaging guys really took to the first LittleBigChallenge. We knew you guys would have fun with it, but we had no idea some of the LBP logos we'd see. Here's a few of our favorites...

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pp3731d ago

This is my favourite logo - Little Big Poo

HipHopGamerShowFan3731d ago

Your favorite logo is, "PP has to go Pee Pee."

Bombibomb3731d ago

This is my favorite logo. PP is a loser. His mother hates him. He has no life. His father dropped a bowling ball on his head when he was just a small child. PP is a social reject and a virgin. Amen.

themyk3730d ago

i can't believe this douche bag still has 5 bubbles. i hope you guys take one everytime he posts. i know i do.

cliffbo3730d ago

calling someone a virgin as a means to upset them shows your own age and immaturity though i do agree with the sentiment

themyk3730d ago

i feel so lucky to be able to play this gem.

game of the year. guaranteed

callahan093729d ago

You know, Beck had an album a couple years back (I believe it was "The Information") which came with a blank sleeve and nothing printed on it, and a sticker sheet, and you were supposed to buy it then situate the stickers onto the sleeve in such a way as to make your own album cover.

LittleBigPlanet should come with something like that!