Microsoft Hasn't Forgotten About Live Anywhere, iPhone Either

Kotaku writes, "Just ran into Larry "Major Nelson" Hryb over at the Microsoft booth in the PAX exhibit hall. After a bit of chatting I brought up the crash-prone iPhone Live app."

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HipHopGamerShowFan3639d ago

It should say, "Waiting for 360 to return from repairment."

GiantEnemyCrab3639d ago (Edited 3639d ago )

I bet the kid in your avatar is older than you. If you are going to try and insult something at least spell correctly you dunce.

littletad3639d ago

It's a green shirt.

Hilarious :)

shutupandplay3639d ago

the bad news is 360 does break. the good news is multi-console owners can play their back-up console (ps3) while they wait.

power of Green 3639d ago

Why would anybody settle for an inferior experiance?(in more ways than one)

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SmokingMonkey3639d ago

even on a iPod M$ crashes. I wonder if RRoD is spread by LIVE?


Deadman643639d ago

Actually your ignorant as hell. I have the new iPhone and tons of APPS crash...ALOT. Some of the crashes have to do with Apple's buggy 2.0 software.

outlawlife3639d ago (Edited 3639d ago )

you do realize that iphone app is independently developed and has nothing to do with ms?

jokes should at least make sense/be semi correct

SmokingMonkey3638d ago


as in the RRoD is like a Virus, i can't believe i have to explain this, but then again you guys are bots.

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Cajun Chicken3639d ago

I seriously fail to understand what Live Anywhere is supposed to do service wise.

jack who3639d ago

everything you can do on xbl on the go....(playing xbla on your cell getting achievement points,getting n sending message too/from frineds....list goes on)

Cajun Chicken3639d ago

I'm not completely sold by that atm.
Sounds like a good idea though, especially if it relies on a Silver account.

doshey3639d ago

wow thats something thats chicks are going to love u for

hey chick look i can send messages to my friends from xbl on my cellphone

chicks say haha what a dork

Alpha_Gamer3639d ago

You`re right man. Chicks are way more into guys that play virtual worlds on their ps3`s. Babes are going down crazy with that sh!t.

doshey3639d ago

i never said that but do u think that is true... haha jk

thekingofMA3639d ago

that was a slick comeback alpha gamer

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TheColbertinator3639d ago

lol Does it happen to the Sony Ericsson also?

plain rice3639d ago

Microsoft hasn't forgotten about Live Anywhere but they pretty much forgot to fix their faulty hardware.

Bladestar3639d ago

says the whore... just keep your day job and concentrate on that thing you have in your mouth... (your avatar).

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