Left 4 Dead 360 'Subway' gameplay'

Battle for survival goes underground as the squad fights through decrepit train station.

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ParadoxMind3674d ago

Cleaning off my M4 as we speak!

Slinger4203674d ago

Why? Who's idea was that? The characters say reload after every reload? Bad decision in my opinion. Gameplay looks phenomenal and it's the only game besides Gears 2 that I wish I could own as a PS3 owner

iggypop1233674d ago

if its repetitive i can see it getting annoying but its in COD 4 and i dont mind it. i just love the opfor and russian announcers.

poopsack3674d ago

yeah and whats up with no recoil whatsoever? I like the lighting and the collision detection though, not a fan of the chracters walking through you sometimes and the graphics.

ParaDise_LosT3674d ago

Its because the game focuses alot of co-op and its very fast paced as you can see the reload thing must just be to alert the player and help the person whos....well....reloading

Hububla3674d ago

yea dude you dont need a 360 to play this game... just google steam powered.. download steam its a program by valve to let you download hundreds of games straight to ur PC... left for dead will be on there and for cheaper then the 360 and with better graphics... so dont fret

Bangladesh3674d ago

I would much rather play this on my 51' hdtv, while laying on my bed with a headset on, than slumped over a 25' PC screen with no voice chat and all the technical snafu's that go with pc gaming.

TheIneffableBob3674d ago

What are you talking about, Bangladesh?

Just hook up your PC to your HDTV, put on a headset, and talk to the 65% of surveyed Steam users (1,143,767 people) who have microphones.

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killercortez3674d ago

other then that this game could be fun but it seems like it's lacking content with only having 4 levels and all

Dyingduck3674d ago

Lacks MAJOR levels

SpecialSauce3674d ago

but i don't think it will deliver. the zombies don't react much when u shoot them and the players run in front of each other waaaay to much.

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The story is too old to be commented.