RPGFan Review - Too Human

When a game takes a decade to complete, people expect something great for their extreme patience. Originally slated as a 4-disc PlayStation game, Too Human has switched genres, console generations, and release dates more times than I care to count. After finally being released as an Xbox 360 exclusive, I can say it wasn't worth the wait no matter how much fun you might have with it.
Too Human is repetitive, unbalanced, and frustrating, made complete with an uninteresting story. However, if Silicon Knights improves upon all the things I mentioned in this review for their sequel, they are going to have a much better game on their hands, a game that I would gladly sign up for. Hopefully it doesn't take another 10 years.

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strotee3755d ago

Story: 50% *ouch*

Remember this gem a few days ago?:

"Microsoft has confirmed to MCV that it is committed to releasing a trilogy of Too Human games – and compared the narrative pull of the story to Star Wars and Lord Of The Rings."


Montrealien3755d ago

I like the story. People have a right to their opinion but I think we are beating a dead horse at this point. Some people like it, some don't

IzKyD13313755d ago

^^ more like some people like it MOST don't

Silver3603755d ago

When people just don't know their facts from the start. Concept ten years ago actual work started in 2004, so if you want to criticize it for being four years in the making fine, but at least get your facts straight.

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cemelc3755d ago

INFINITE UNDISCOVERY or as ppl know it undiscovered flop

PopEmUp3755d ago

learn to spell "LIAR" it's should be "LAIR" btw have you play the game or have you not?

InfiniteUnfloppery3755d ago

The Floposaurus Species is Exclusive to the Xbox 360

silverchode3755d ago

i hear their numbers are growing : )

cemelc3755d ago (Edited 3755d ago )

Lost Odyssey=Lost Flops

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The story is too old to be commented.