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A portion of a WiiWare World review... MaBoShi: The Three Shape Arcade is a rather unique game from Mindware, a company that's relatively unknown outside of Japan. As the title suggests, MaBoShi is all based around three shapes - Circle, Stick and Square. The gameplay comprises of three mini games which are based on these shapes, which all have the simple objective of getting the best high score. Mess up once and it's game over! It doesn't sound very interesting on the surface, but there is more to this game than meets the eye.

You are presented with three vertical rectangles on your screen, lined up from left to right. At the top is a list of all of your Mii avatars. Drag your selected Mii into one of the rectangles and you will be able to choose one of the three games, which you will then begin to play in the selected rectangle. The games are fairly basic, but they are not mastered easily.

The Circle game puts you in control of a ball, which is located in a circular playing field. The ball is always on the move, it will continuously try to go in one direction. If you press the A button, it will change direction and go the opposite way. Using this tactic, you have to try and defeat swarms of enemies that appear in the playing field before they manage to reach the edge and escape. At first, you will probably be able to beat the levels very easily, but later on, there will be added obstacles in the "arena", such as a ball attached to a rope that swings around when you hit it and thus blocks your movement, and no, it won't take out enemies....

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