Will Bandai Namco Announce Soulcalibur 6 at E3 2016?

E3 2016 may be the perfect time for Bandai Namco to unleash Soulcalibur VI.

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fitfox926d ago

soul calibur 2 is still the best

EcoSos3926d ago

I did like the 3rd more but yes the 2nd is still really good, the 5th was horrendous specially the story mode and how can it still have less content than the 3rd.

Movefasta1993925d ago

3 is the best.Chronicles of the sword,character creation, 3 awesome new charcaters Tira,Zasalemel and Setsuka. It was weird that it was exclusive to ps2 only, but anyways, the best game in the series imo and i love them all,even 5.

pompombrum926d ago

I hope so, Soul Calibur is a great series and had an absolute blast with the last one.

sdcard4gb926d ago (Edited 926d ago )

Certainly wouldn't be against that, but it would sure be awesome if they actually released Tekken 7 on consoles and preferably PC as well first.

Ah, sweet memories of playing Nightmare and his stupefyingly rough combos... Mmm...

Vasto926d ago

Best fighting game series.

generic-user-name926d ago

Let's give Tekken a PS4 release date first, eh Namco?

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