Surgeon Simulator - Inside Donald Trump DLC

New DLC arriving for Surgeon Simulator 2013: In "Inside Donald Trump" you'll be cutting open the presidential candidate. Provide him with a heart of gold or a heart of stone and use your special tool - the Trump Tower.

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Germany7900d ago

Just more liberal propaganda.
This game is using the image of the future POTUS trying to stay relevant.

SoulMikeY899d ago

Or just laugh at it because it's funny. Don't take stuff so seriously.

Every candidate we have is a sack of shit. No joke. If people don't start growing a brain and being independent, we will lose our independence. Anyone that ever votes strictly one or the other is a plague that I hope will diminish over time. The only time America will truly be great is when we establish a unified party, and R's and D's are gone.

Sorry, I know this a gaming site, but I wish people were not so narrow-minded. I support freedom of speech, art, and people that can make fun of themselves.

lipton101899d ago

THANKS OBAMA. Very logical objection champ. So the President of the United States, in an effort to stay relevant, personally made it a point to call valve and have them create a hilarious Donald Trump DLC? Go to Costco man, great prices on tin foil!

Germany7898d ago

Buddy, liberalism is getting totally rejected!
Now imagine of this game was using Hillary or Bernie Sanders, liberals would riot.

lipton101898d ago

Most radical person I've encountered all day

Dee_91899d ago (Edited 898d ago )

It's incredibly funny and scary at the same time that trump could be the president lol. He reminds of when Lois ran for office on family guy

people find any reason to complain about liberals.

TheUpbringer899d ago

...Really? Can we not sink this low? The Gaming world is already a cesspool of insecurity, now we got this?

899d ago
opinionated899d ago

The double standard is unbelievable. If you're going to a trump rally then bring your gun. Don't take shit from any of these "protesters".

Angerfist899d ago

These left wingers that demand tolerance from anyone are the most intolerant people out there. They can no longer control the narrative and are losing power and thats their only struggle

opinionated899d ago

Yup. Freedom of association, assembly and speech only apply to them for some reason. Their outrageous behavior is ok because "it's trump". That mayor of San Jose is a joke. Justifying that lynch mob harassing and gang beating on people leaving the trump rally. Cops in riot gear standing down watching it happen. That's not protest, that's anarchy.

These morons forget we are the most armed nation on the planet. They don't want to wake up that sleeping giant.

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The story is too old to be commented.