RPGamer: Valkyria Chronicles Impressions

Valyria Chronicles is a tactical RPG for the PS3. That's really all RPGamer knew going into the game. They picked up the games idea pretty fast, so they dove right in with a bit of help from a friendly SEGA representative.

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Raoh3759d ago

sounds like good news

i have my shooter requirements met for the holiday

SOCOM and Resistance 2 are pre-ordered as well as warhawk updates, every other shooter is being rented

Motorstorm 2 is pre-ordered and thanks to Burnout Paradise's updates, my racing needs are met

LittleBigPlanet fills another void in itself

my blu ray needs will begin to be met this week with transformers and iron man, dark knight later

but my rpg needs are not, so hearing how much people are liking Valkyria Chronicles is good news to me

remanutd553759d ago

i havent preordered any of them yet cuz i'm waiting to see if insomniac, evolution are gonna come out with some sort of limited edition for their games but lbp,socom,motorstorm,R2,fat princess,wipeout hd are day one buy lol

Homicide3758d ago

Glad to read that they loved the game. Can't wait for it. I love the art style/visuals.