Warzone #13 - Would Microsoft & Sony Team Up Against EA?!

Torrence Davis of The Bitbag writes, "On this episode we talk about what would happen to the industry if EA came out with their own console. One of the things we brought up is the possibility of MS & Sony teaming up against EA. Wow what a great concept!

Also on the show:

* Goodfellajay, blatant plagiarist
* Japanese Hardware Sales
* GTA IV DLC talk
* Infinite Undiscovery Review Scores
* Morganfell named Fanboy Of The Week
* and much much more… "

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InfiniteUnfloppery3756d ago

What this show needs is less Xbox 360 News and more hard hitting Journalism,such as reporting on the upcoming Flop that is Fable II

HipHopGamerShowFan3756d ago

Your welcome HipHopGamer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Im happy you mentioned me in the Podcast!!!!!!!

name3756d ago

I wouldn't be surprised if Microsoft partnered up with EA for this console. They let their first party studios leave and don't seem to care about buying more of them.

Breakfast3756d ago

All M$ wants to do is milk franchises. Who better to partner up with than EA?

All they want is easy money. Without catering to gamers needs.


TheColbertinator3756d ago


Would the real Breakfast please stand up?

Idonthatejustcreate3756d ago

The negotiation of how they would run the company would not be done untill around the year 2020.

Mostly because Sony is targeting to give as much free stuff as possible to the public and M$ is the other way around =/

Finch3756d ago

If MS does team up with EA. It will be the first console i ever skip as a gamer!

AAACE53756d ago

Sony has milked alot of their franchises, but people only seem to point out Halo. Halo is on it's 3rd game... but people seem to overlook that twisted metal is at 5 games, Jak and daxter is on its 6-7th game, Ratchet and clank is on it's 5-6th game, Gran Turismo released a demo and charged people $40 for it until the full game comes out!

Who's milking their franchises the most?

I'm not disagreeing with you, but people have to look at the facts before they start assuming that only one company is doing this!

OH, and let's not forget good ole Nintendo... The King of milking franchises! They have done everything with Mario except for put him in a speedo!

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Xheratuul3756d ago

if this happens, MS will be like Sega making games for PS3.

theKiller3756d ago

i liked it, kind of funny and true also!!

bubble 4 u

InfiniteUnfloppery3756d ago

Once Microsoft effectively shut down their failing Business Operations,Sony CEO Sir Howard Stringer will be more than willing to provide former Microsoft Employees with Job Opportunities at the most popular Electronic Manufacturer in the World,Sony Corp.

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