Is Accessibility Killing PC Gaming?

Joe Martin writes:

"When I write a feature like this, I like to get emotional over it and I try to avoid just giving a dry re-listing of my favourite games complete with the hows and whys. I'm passionate about games, so I try to get passionate about my games writing."

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doshey3677d ago

no what will kill pc gaming is how games keep coming out that needs u to upgrade ur pc again and again

Cajun Chicken3677d ago

Moved onto consoles shortly after Doom3.

TheIneffableBob3677d ago

Why do people always say this? It's obviously not true.

A decent mid-range PC (which, if you build, should cost around $600 barebones) will be able to play all the latest games for 2-3 years before requiring maybe a $150 investment to play all the latest games at good settings.

Anywho, accessibility is good, but we need complex games that require lots of thought, too. A balanced mix between the two would be nice. As of now, however, it seems that the board has tilted a bit too far on the accessibility side, and hardcore games like Sins of a Solar Empire are few in numbers.

doshey3677d ago

u kidding me i just bought a gaming pc and some games i wont even get to play them at max setting

Charlie26883677d ago

If you actually know what to buy (and even where and when) you wont need to upgrade for a long time its the people that try to cut corners and maybe save a few bucks that find out the hard way that the few bucks they saved will eventually forced them to upgrade faster then expected and many times again cutting corners creating a vicious cycle of constant upgrades

And in an interesting thing this "gen" of PC hardware parts have been the cheapest EVER were you PC gamer that could only afford a low/mid range card and 1GB of RAM before can now afford a high end card and 3/4GB of RAM

kwicksandz3677d ago

I would suggest that perhaps you dont know how to build a proper gaming rig. A well put together machine can run ANYTHING out right now on high, expect maybe crysis on ultra high detail.

Charmers3677d ago

@doshey might I suggest you were ripped off then. I have a two year old PC that runs everything today maxxed out at 1680 x 1050 the only exception is Crysis. So if you have just bought a new PC and it can't run all games on maxx settings then you were seriously ripped off or you didn't do five minutes research into what you were buying.

As for accessibility of PC games, I have never had a problem. I read all this rubbish about driver conflicts and update problems and just shake my head. In my 20 odd years of PC gaming I can't say anything has been problematic in fact today PC gaming is as easy as it has ever been. The only time I ever have a problem is running older games on newer OS's but that is to be expected. I think PC gaming is as accessible as it is going to get personally.

TheIneffableBob3677d ago

PC games back in the day were way more difficult to get running than they are today, and those games were very popular. People who complain about that stuff today are just lazy.

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Drano3677d ago

A PC is just like a table in your dining room. You can do all sorts of things on a table : you can eat, draw, write, sleep, bang your girl, play poker, etc. Of course you can do it on the floor too, but it's less efficient. Of course you can do all this on your bed, but it's not meant to be made that way... at least some parts of the list.

That's the same for PC gaming, saying it will die (even eventually die) is like saying you'll never eat on a table again.

Yeah, Consoles are taking some place, expansions, functions and all but there will always be a place in the world where you can play a brand new cutting edge PC Game. Even if the Consoles have the avantage of being accessible by the general public, I think there are enough people out there who know how to use a computer well enough to run a couple of games.

And by the way, the last PC Game I played was Thief II... so it's been quite some time and therefore I am not a PC Fanboy.

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