PAX 2008: Gears 2 will not have a Halo 2-style ending

When asked if Gears 2's storyline will follow in the footsteps of a game like Halo 2 and its unsatisfying cliffhanger, Ortega comforted Joystiq's worries by admitting that players will "get nice closure." But not too much closure, because Ortega was also quick to acknowledge fact that he didn't want to end Gears 2 "too much where there couldn't be room to expand should you decide to." Because that would totally put a damper on any trilogy hopes. So, no unsatisfying Halo 2-style ending, a sense of fulfillment and room to grow the Gears franchise? Sounds like a campaign winner to Joystiq.

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Forbidden_Darkness3677d ago

But... but... but... cliff hangers are AWESOME!

Breakfast3677d ago

...notice how Halo 2 didnt end.
...notice how Halo 3 blatantly left the door open.
...notice how Gears 1 blatantly left the door open.
...notice how Gears 2 WILL leave the door open.

Simple way for M$ to make money, without creating new IP's.


Tobias1233677d ago

Every company does that in some way. And even if they do give the story closure, they can easily find some way to make a sequel to it, even if it's ridiculous and poorly done(I'm looking at you, Final Fantasy X-2)

Sangria3677d ago

How much developers would say "Yes our game will have a bad ending"?

Sitdown3677d ago

I was going to ask the same thing...were they expecting them to say that they were?

"Well you know what? Now that you mentioned it; we actually thought about having a satisfying ending....but after a quick vote, the majority decided it best to have an unsatisfying cliffhanger"

power of Green 3677d ago

I agree... No one expected you guys to come in here and say anything different.

We should take them at their word, if they feel they fleshed out a better story this time around we should leave it at that" as if claiming to be excited about it proves they will fail. If Quantic Dream says they improved on something(gameplay mechanics/interactive quality) we take them at their word vs trolling saying their fullofshit or they are making empty claims.

Kyur4ThePain3677d ago

You just can't leave the Sony side out of a discussion, can you?

pp3677d ago

Awsome news maybe the next gears of war 3 will be on the next xbox

Shadow Man3677d ago (Edited 3677d ago )

Also Halo 4, Mass Effect 3, Fable3, NG3,FF14,GTA5, and Madden 12. :D

cemelc3677d ago

funny thing is that they'll be also on pc, and since square is buying tecmo its a pretty safe bet that ng3 will be also on the ps3, like gta5,and since ea doesn't know what is an exclusive probably mass effect 3 will be also on ps3, you can have halokarts 4 on the 720 ill have the rest so no worries ;-D

beavis4play3677d ago

gears has a story? no flaming.....but, other than "aliens come out of ground and attack humans"....what is there? hopefully part 2 will bring more than that to the story. i've said before - i'd like to see more info/background on the locust horde.

Sitdown3677d ago

Outside of the God of War series..I have never really paid too much attention......see, I am from the age of pong, tetris, mario, etc...where we did not necessarily have to have a story...we just wanted to have fun. Still do this day...we do not know why the princess has not hired top flight security..she should know by now she is going to get kidnapped.

THE TERMINATOR3677d ago (Edited 3677d ago )

Well GTA5 and FF14 will probably be on the PS3 not the next xbox. The 360 of course will be dead by then. Ha xbots are finally realising the 360 doesnt have more than a year left.

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