The PSB, & Weekly Recap

* Warhawk Operation: Fallen Star - While I'm ecstatic to be at PAX - it's a bit bittersweet that I can't be playing this right now…
* Savage Moon – Coming this Fall to PSN - Go hands on at PAX, if you can make it.
* Set Your Alarm: PAX PlayStation.Blog Meet-up Details - This just wrapped up, actually - look for an update soon.
* The Last Guy, Coming To a City Near You - An IGN Editor's Choice winner.
* PlayStation @ PAX - Our guide to what we're doing, and when.
* Penny Arcade Adventures: PSN, PAX details - Thanks for supplying us with questions to ask the devs. Interview on the blog next week.
* PlayStation Store Update - featuring The Last Guy and Warhawk Operation: Fallen Star.
* Day and Night Gameplay for Burnout Paradise - The final update coming next week. Thanks, Criterion!
* Life with PlayStation is on its way - Stay tuned for further updates on the blog.
* PLAYSTATION Store Video Content Update - Perhaps our biggest update since launch.
* Penny Arcade Expo 08: See our booth - Hopefully, you'll be able to see it for yourself. If not… this'll have to do!

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