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The Order: 1886 developer Ready at Dawn's upcoming physics-based multiplayer arena brawler De-formers is a big departure from the studio's steampunk flagship title. A multiplatform (PS4, Xbox One and PC) offering published as part of GameStop's recently announced GameTrust initiative, De-formers, is a mix of lots of elements from beloved games cobbled together into something that looks familiar, yet strangely hard to pin down.

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5p4c3d898d ago

gameplay looks fun but the environment looks a little dull. really cool he was able to make his dream game without using a single animation.

GearSkiN898d ago

they should have continue 1886... how do u switch from that to this.

carreirabr898d ago

Not having Sony/Santa Monica's money.

moomoo319898d ago

Rumor has it they were working on three games. This, one for oculus, and one for sony. Hopefully the one for sony is a sequel to 1886

arkard898d ago

Well this looks like a step backward....

Erik7357897d ago

it looks like it took ten steps forward in making something that's fun to play.

BLow898d ago

Wow... I'm...ahh...well its different I guess. Some people will like this but really? This is going to be multiplatform and won't even come close to the sales of the so called "horrible" The Order.
Not just saying only sales matter but I was expecting something else completely different. Well they got the different part right I guess lol... is this joke? There has to be another game they're working on right? Oh well.... 0_o

897d ago
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