The Order: 1886 Dev Reveals Next Game: De-formers

Ready at Dawn revealed its next game, De-formers, an arena-combat game published by GameTrust.

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Nitrowolf2752d ago

Reminds me of katamarI but as a multiplayer game

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AngelicIceDiamond752d ago (Edited 752d ago )

I'm honestly not surprised. that this is their next project.Everyone had high hopes for something major and this is what we get. A light hearted party game obviously vastly different from The Order.

Looks meh.

Army_of_Darkness752d ago

I'm guessing that they didn't make much from the Order....

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bouzebbal752d ago

hmmmmm... OK?
next game please...

never4get752d ago


naruga752d ago

they better make a free Order 1886 huge DLC to redeem themselves ..rather making new games ...although it looks different and maybe fun

BiggerBoss752d ago

Sony owns the Order IP, so RAD will definitely not be doing that

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parentoftheyear752d ago

Well Im dissapointed a little. :(

nix752d ago

what i had in mind was since they can't do Order sequel with GS producing it, i really thought they'll create a separate world similar to Order - like what From did with Demon's Souls. But i'm deeply disappointed.

obviously since GS is producing it they had to go UA.

inveni0752d ago

Yeah, this seems like a massive step backward. This developer was on the edge of greatness.

kaizokuspy752d ago

I'm massively disappointed. So much potential from the order ip. Just needed to refine it and fix the complaints in the sequel.

AnubisG752d ago

I'm very disappointed. I was expecting a follow-up to the Order. Oh well, I guess in a few years maybe.

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Spa4tan752d ago

Haha that was the perfect way to describe this situation

game4funz752d ago

It could still be a lot of fun but yea...

I_am_Batman752d ago

Same here. It's very rare that I get hooked by multiplayer-centric games so this is probably not for me. I guess it's not their only project though so hopefully [email protected] are working on another single player-centric game as well.

RB201122752d ago

Why? It looks interesting, we need to give it some time until we learn more. Plus, apparently the studio is working on 2 or 3 games, one of which might be an Order sequel.

trooper_752d ago

Why you got a disagree for that is beyond me.

ginsunuva752d ago

Dis be what happens when people bash games and the studio loses money.

OtterX752d ago

Hopefully this is just a side project and they've got a main team on something bigger... The Order 1887. I'll give this a shot if it's f2p or budget priced, but this is not what I wanted from them.

Moe-Gunz752d ago

They're working on multiple titles. This seems like one of the smaller ones.

Kaneki-Ken751d ago

The reason they not doing The Order sequel is because PlayStation cut ties with them so they lost their right as second party to develop exclusive AAA games for PlayStation. So right they became a third party but sadly they not making AAA games for a while after been critize badly and not meetings sell expectations. So Gamestop offer them the chance to make AA games for them as a publisher so don't expect amazing games from any time soon. while The Order, PlayStation can either hires their First-party or Second/Third-party studio to make a sequel or a Reboot or put the Ip on hold for many years to come.

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Relientk77752d ago

Yeah not my thing, looks weird too

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Next_gen_2015752d ago

Tbh i didnt expect a big AAA game. The order only came out last year

robtion751d ago

Yep, looks pretty lame. I really liked The Order.

lelo2play752d ago (Edited 752d ago )

Oh boy!... I wasn't expecting this (don't mean it in a good way).

Are they trying to appeal to the Rocket League market?

yeahokwhatever752d ago

1. This game looks fun and beautiful.
2. Rocket League usually has around 30k concurrent users online. Its loved by millions. Its a FANTASTIC game.
3. Whats wrong with variation?

danny818751d ago

game looks fun. I dont blame game stop to have a beta game out there from them. The Order was much worth a rental game. They need to prove themselves first.

Nodoze752d ago

I was hoping this was a joke. Guess not. Very very sad. Instead of a new Order title they chose to make this??? I got bored watching the trailer. Absolute pass on this crap. Sony needs to grow some balls, have them address some of the shortcomings of the first one, and make a kick ass new Order title. I really enjoyed the first one. Fantastic setting, lore etc.

Instead we get this garbage.

italiangamer752d ago (Edited 752d ago )

This game will be published by Gamestop, Sony isnt involved one bit on this.

SenorFartCushion752d ago

The Order has sold about 1.6 million DATE.

It bombed big style and it was panned critically (subjective medium but still)

italiangamer752d ago

Quantum Broke only sold about 400.000 copies and it was hyped as Microsoft TLOU LOL!!!! So, The Order beat it unfortunately for you ;)

DemonChicken752d ago

Source? Please don't say VGchartz

moegooner88752d ago

1.6 million equates to bombing big style ? lol

Godmars290752d ago

Which is why they're following it up with a kiddie platformer? With online multiplayer.

Most studios when trying to make a name, establish a style, tend to keep to certain concepts. They don't dump everything for something like...that. Not unless they're going to be making those types of games. Use elements and mechanics as they go along.

Inzo752d ago

The Order bombed? better check your source again.

RB201122752d ago

On what planet is 1.6 million bombed big style. Those are good sales.

deafdani752d ago

Go take a look at the best selling PS4 games. You will then realize that 1.6 million copies sold isn't a flop at all. It actually would make The Order one of the best selling games on the PS4.

francis86752d ago

1.6 million copies what? Lmao The Order was a flop deal with it

Darkwatchman752d ago

1.6 million for a game on a SINGLE platform is amazing. What are you smoking

Ravenor752d ago


It wasn't hyped in that way by MS or Remedy also...what does this have to do with The Order?

Also, The Order was heavily discounted very quickly it was down to 19.99 new only a handful of months later. Just because it sold 1.6 million copies doesn't mean that was at the original MSRP. Though to be fair I paid 79.99 on launch day so they got at least one.

andibandit752d ago

How are The Order lifetime sales relevant,
How is 1.6mil sold a flop,
Did it even sell 1.6 mil
Why is Quantum break brought into the equation and why is the sales of this 2 month old game compared to the sales of a 1 year+ old game.
And why compare them directly when the population on PS4 is almost twice that of XB1

Jesus the intelligence in these comment sections is astounding.

yeahokwhatever752d ago

That's not a bomb. While I really enjoyed The Order, and thought critics were way too harsh on it, this game looks like more fun, which is ultimately what gaming is about. I'm looking forward to it!

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yomfweeee752d ago

Sony doesn't own Ready at Dawn.

game4funz752d ago

Do they own the order ip? Cuz if they do... No matter how you look at it it's still disappointing they aren't working on the next one.

Nodoze752d ago

As Game4funz said, Sony DOES own the IP for The Order. They could definitely have encouraged them to make another and fund it. 1.6 million copies is not small potatoes. It is not a dudebro shooter and therefore the sell through is going to be lower than CoD (also it is a console exclusive so the audience is limited by comparison).

Godmars290752d ago

Given how the Order was received I doubt Sony would be as patient with them as they were before.

Inzo752d ago

Uhh...............Not a Sony game.

ginsunuva752d ago

Who said they were making this instead of anything? People can work on multiple things at the same time. They were probably working on this alongside The Order too.

Sharky231751d ago

Nodoze has totally dozed off!!! Sony own The Order ip not ready at dawn!! If Sony didn't have balls they probably wouldn't be bringing the last guardian out! Sony will more than likely put the sequel on another studio.

danny818751d ago

you havent even played the game. And i were to test this developer too with a small game. the order wasnt all that up to par besides visuals

coolbeans751d ago (Edited 751d ago )

I still believe there's hope for The Order, but that doesn't necessarily mean RAD has to be the ones developing it. Considering how egregious their cinematic affections were with the first, a new dev may not be such a bad thing. And I'm surprised at the amount of disappointment over RAD's newly announced game; then again, I thought TO: 1886 was crap. I personally like seeing these kinds of drastic transitions:

RAD's last game: a title that almost-exclusively emphasized how cinematic is was being--to the point of suggesting a lower FPS as some kind of artistic ideal for them, resulting in a 6.5 hour railroading experience that goes so far as to essentially show contempt at the idea you were supposed to "play" it at all. And for the sake of realism, it was another game with a grim-dark tone.

RAD's new game: a colorful, playful atmosphere involving weird balls hitting each other

Okay...let's try to take away all the background behind The Order, its exclusivity, and whatever else. If you only knew the concepts of both games wouldn't this transition seem like great news? There's a healthier amount of fresh games, even in regards to shooters like Overwatch, that are embracing the fun in games again and not all so desperate to follow the usual AAA setup of 'dark' FPS's just to get some of the COD crowd momentarily.

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