Sony 80 Gig PS3 out of stock at Best Buy and SonyStyle

As many of you know, you can apply for a Sony Style Visa card issue by Chase bank to get 150 dollar off from their main website at SonyStyle. I just did applied and got the information approved online instantly only to find that it is out of stock, but I placed the order anyways because an extra 250 dollar 80 gig PS3 is a awesome deal...

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HipHopGamerShowFan3395d ago (Edited 3395d ago )

PS3 sales go way up=Xbox 360s stock prices go down.

Dyingduck3395d ago

RIP, Crapbox360



morganfell3395d ago (Edited 3395d ago )

PS3 will own August too. Ha ha ha.

Amazon Bestseller update

PS3 80GB Rank 6
360 20GB Rank 88

whoelse3395d ago

How about thr 60GB 360?

eagle213395d ago (Edited 3395d ago )

No 360's in the top 100.

7:21 pm...nope
7:25 eh
7:33 pm....sorry :)

tetsuhana3395d ago

360 20gb #90
360 60gb #99

kwicksandz3394d ago

Is this the good 80gb model or the gimped one?

morganfell3394d ago

2133 Romeo (933 PM EST)

Amazon Bestseller update

PS3 80GB Rank 6
360 None in top 100

Guwapo773394d ago

This is the new 80gig version w/o PS2 support. ...Atleast you can still play PS1 games on it.

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WhittO3395d ago (Edited 3395d ago )

Looks like demand for ps3 is just getting higher and higher !

Maybe ps2 owners are starting to come over ? I know loads of people who just waited for more people to have it and now most of my m8s have 1 lol.

MS must be starting to worry, since the 360 price is much lower and demand is still decreasing.

belal3395d ago

a price cut for the 360 in october- november, just to stay alive!

TheHater3395d ago

The Xbox 360 is getting a price cut in September, I think it the 7th.

heyheyhey3395d ago

after LBP releases.......

buy a Big Mac and a Mc Flurry.... get an Xbox 360 free

yanikins1113394d ago

Jokes like that make the open zone worth reading from time to time. Nice.

Raoh3395d ago

go ps3 its your birthday, not your birthday but we going to party like its your birthday

go go go go

Nathaniel_Drake3395d ago

About less than 3 months, November 16th its PS3's birthday so you are close...hehehehehe!!! =)