Where's the VCD Support At Microsoft?

That Gaming Site looks into VCD support for the Xbox 360, has odd has it may seem for many North American's they enjoy a healthy market in Asia, a area where the Xbox 360 is also available. They look into why the Xbox 360 should have VCD support because of the demand of VCD discs in these regions and how Microsoft's way of business in the region should have made it available from the start.

Update: The original author has posted about the PS3 and Wii when it comes to VCD support.

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Harry1903756d ago

with VCD is that even though it is super super cheap, you still need a minimum of 2 discs for a movie exceeding 58 minutes. The quality is also not as good as dvd and most consoles don't support the format.

Elven63756d ago

Thats true but has the article states in many countries where consoles are available VCD support would only add to the list of reasons has to why a console would be good for them.

plain rice3756d ago (Edited 3756d ago )

FYI.....You can actually fit an average full length movie on a single VCD disc now. When I was in Japan, I had Cars, The Rundown, Rush Hour, and some other movies on single discs.

Harry1903756d ago

in super compressed Divx which is not supported by most VCD players.

gaffyh3755d ago (Edited 3755d ago )

Actually with KVCD you can fit a lot more on to one disc (than 58 mins), but at a slightly lower quality. And KVCD is supported by most dvd players

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InMyOpinion3756d ago

Most people already have DVD players that support VCD among other formats. If they for some reason feel the need to watch VCD on their 360 they can just stream it using the mediaplayer.

It's funny how they make this seem like a 360 only problem. The PS3 doesn't have VCD support either. Neither does the PS2.

Elven63756d ago

Yea thats true but Microsoft does business different in Asia then Sony or Nintendo, Microsoft has partnered with the local movie industry in India for instance to promote the Xbox 360, it's highlighted in the article itself.

InMyOpinion3756d ago

Then why would they want to promote a format that is wellknown to be used by pirates? DVD is different since it's more or less the biggest standard movie format in the world.

Elven63756d ago

No it's not different, it's practically the same thing, DVD is also well known to be used by pirate's as well in Asia, should the big 2 just remove DVD movie support completely? I don't know much about the VCD pirating problem but in my many trips to Asia I see more pirated DVD's then VCD's being sold.

InMyOpinion3756d ago

In the end I think all consoles should support as many formats as possible. People always find loopholes to view them anyways.

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InfiniteUnfloppery3756d ago

What do you expect from a Flop console,no Blu Ray,no VCD,no chances of success

HipHopGamerShowFan3756d ago

They are relying on it for warmth for the winter.

InfiniteUnfloppery3756d ago

Nothing but the truth ^,the Xbox 360 is indeed the perfect solution when the House Heater fails to function.

InfiniteUnfloppery3756d ago

I wonder if Microsoft ever plan on rolling out support for break-through Video Formats.

Elven63756d ago

If your referring to Blu Ray on the 360, then I should let you know Blu Ray is no break through yet, it doesn't even have 10% of the DVD market share yet. When it gets at least 50-60 I think you can call it a break through.

Filet of Children3756d ago

Agreed. I've got a few blu-ray movies, but I still find myself buying far more DVDs. It's a price:quality issue for me - certainly blu-ray looks better, but man, the price of them is still far too high above DVD.

InfiniteUnfloppery3756d ago

I have just received Intel providing an accurate Time line of Xbox 360s 2008 Flops,this Information will be made available for the General Public shortly

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